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Bullyland: (opens new window). A significant contributor to the Dinosaur toys family with a long line of "museum quality" Dinosaur (and many other) figures. (Also a significant contributor to this website. Thank you.)

Burns-Brick-Country (opens new window). Like LEGOs? This is the toy site for YOU! Everything that you always wanted to know about LEGOs but didn't know enough to ask.

Dawn of the Gods: Like Dragons? Ranging from alchemy to Unicorns this site offers pictures and information (in German, you'll need to translate to read) on fantasy figures in grand abundance. This is a gloriously illustrated site! Very beautiful. Even Rexford likes it, and he doesn't like much he can't eat.

"The Dinosaur Collector": (opens new window). Offers short histories of many toy companies and many, many pictures of beautiful handmade Dinosaur toys dioramas.

Dinosaur Cowboys (opens new window) offers a world of action play with your Dinosaurs teamed up with Cowboys (or any one else you like) in fights to the death. Rexford looks forward to finishing off the losers... and the winners too.

Family Fun Cartoons (opens new window). This is a family-oriented site that it is just chock full of fun for families with children of all ages. Cartoons, comics, jokes, games, (how to) draw stuff and most importantly, over a dozen family-oriented Dinosaurs ready for coloring (also Cats, Dragons and a bunch of other things, but who really cares since there are Dinosaurs). Check it out for yourself.

The Fossibles: (opens new window). This is a great site for kids especially. The Fossibles are a "superhero" group of five Dinosaurs who live in Arizona and have great adventures saving the world. No. Really!

Hotaling Imports:  The source for PAPO Dinosaur information. You can find PAPO retailers here and many thanks for the help and support provided to this website by Hotaling Imports! (And a major contributor to this website.)

Joe Tucciarone: (opens new window). Joe is a brilliant artist and extraordinary illustrator and his site (this site) features his excellent work. This is a very handsome site, visually gorgeous and very navigable. Combines interesting Dinosaur facts with beautiful, original works of Dinosaur art. Well worth a look, or three.

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: (opens new window). A great, fun blog that I recently discovered, it has lots of great content, useful links and interesting stuff. Much of it pertaining to Dinosaurs. Very visual and well done.

"Paleofreak": (opens new window) Strange and funny Dinosaur toys presented for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Prehistoric Times: The Premier (opens new window) contemporary magazine about, guess... go ahead... Okay, prehistoric times. Published by Mike Fredericks it has been in publication for over sixteen (16) years. You can also buy vintage Dinosaur toys and other Dino-things from Mike.

Safari Ltd.: (opens new window) One of the biggest Dinosaur toys manufacturers and responsible not only for Dinosaurs of China, their own (wonderful and very realistic) Wild Safari brand and "Great Dinosaurs" toys but for the iconic Carnegie Collection as well. A true Dinosaur toys powerhouse. (Also a major contributor to this site. Thank you.)

(opens new window) The Dinosaurs weren't really prepared for whatever got them but you can be prepared for whatever is coming to get you. Check out The Survival Blog for your survival knowledge and needs. Hey it ain't "what ever," it's survival.

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