The Allosaurus is called "The Wolf of the Jurassic"

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"Allosaurus" is Latin for "other lizard."


The Allosaur was the Apex Predator of the Jurassic Period.

(A Pack of Allosaurus fragilis Gather Like Wolves.)

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This simply means that if you wanted to go to see the "Godfather of the Jurassic" you'd go to the Allosaur. And he got all things done. Like, for instance, eating. At thirty-six feet in length and approximately two tons "Big Al" was an eating machine with teeth 3-4"long.

Of course this was quite small when compared with some of what he wanted to eat- Apatosaurs, Diplodocus', Brachiosaurus and other huge Sauropods- ten and more times the size of an Allosaur. "Meals on Treetrunks." This problem was readily redressed by the simple solution of "ganging-up."

Allosaurus Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

A pack of Allosaurs was quite capable of cutting out and taking down a young, weakened, sick or aged Sauropod. Hence the appellation: "The Wolves of the Jurassic."(Those little, barely visible blue, green & gray heads are MARX Allosaurs arguing over who'll go first.) ...But catching a small one, alone.... mmmmmm....

Allosaurus Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

I have really liked the Allosaurs since the first two that I saw at the American Museum of Natural History back in 1951. They, of course, were skeletons, set up stalking a Brontosaurus (as it was called then) skeleton. I was stricken with the beauty of these creatures and the energy still seen in their skeletal remains.

"Allosaurus" means "other reptile", the one who came to dinner.

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

(At least he comes with take-out.) The Allosaurus is also a very popular (carnivorous) Dinosaur toy, second only to "the king", the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since the mid-nineties, when toy makers apparently began to realize that Dinosaurs sell, there have been a variety of different 'toy takes' on the Allosaur. Pretty much anybody with a three-clawed forehand can be considered as an Allosaur, if not obviously someone else.

The Walking with Dinosaurs franchise has produced an "up close and personal" biography of a hard-luck Allosaur known as "Big Al".

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Dinosaur Toys Bullyland AllosaurThe Bullyland Allosaur

Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Allosaurus Carnegie Allosaur (1995 & 2007)

Dinosaur Toys MARX Allosaurus Marx Allosaurs (1955 & 1959)

MPC Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys MPC Allosaur

Dinosaur Toys Papo AllosaurusPapo Allosaur (2008)

Dinosaur Toys Safari Allosaurus 1996Safari Allosaur (1996)

Dinosaur Toys Safari 2008 Allosaurus Safari Allosaur (2008)

Dinosaur Toys Schleich Allosaurus Schleich Allosaur

I will be adding to this list as I come across other Allosaurus. You are welcome to submit your own.

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