The Marx Allosaurus wasn't quite fragilis.

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

In 1955 the Marx Allosaurus (Small Mold Group) came out- the first dedicated Allosaurus among Dinosaur toys.
Yale Zallinger Mural Dinosaur ToysApparently based upon this Allosurus in the Rudolf Zallinger Age of Reptiles mural (detail, Right) seen in the Peabody Museum at Yale, he is a bit stodgy and pot bellied. This first Allosaurus also has a slight tilt to the left, as can be seen in the picture with ME, above.(original is green, on the left)

The Two Marx Allosaurs
The first Marx Allosaurus came out in 1955. In 1959 the second arrived as a member of the Revised Mold Group. This now made me approximately twice as happy as I had been with one. The differences between the two Marx Allosaurus are minimal at best.
Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur ToysIn fact there are only three. The first is (barely noticeable) in that the forepaws of the original are tucked in slightly more tightly. Second, the left foot of the original has a splayed outer toe, the revised toes are straight (see photo- gray original). Finally the original has that left-lean and the revised stands straight up (see photo with ME, top). Otherwise they are virtually identical.

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Weighing in, together, they total one and a quarter ounces so individual weight is five-eighths (5/8s, .625) of an ounce. They stand 2.75" tall and are ~4 inches from nose to tail making them 1/90 scale. Despite their rather pudgy and sedentary appearance the Marx Allosaurus can live an active and exciting life....

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur ToysSo whether seen from behind...

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys... or overhead, the family resemblance is stark. Looking like fraternal twins they form their little packs to hunt....

A Day in the Life of the Marx Allosaurus unfragilis

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Not quite the breakfast that is hoped for- the 'Wolves of the Jurassic' go on the hunt...

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys
The pickings seem kind of poor hereabouts....

There's a jungle out there!

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur ToysMarx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys
Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

This little pack is brave, steadfast and indomitable in its search for its morning meal... But some meals are too big, even for a pack....

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

So it is back to their earlier and less menacing hunting grounds ...where a small herd of Brontosurus are stalked...

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

While others discover a Stegosaurus who proves to be too tough a buffet first thing in the morning.

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur ToysMarx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

An Ankylosaurus is out of place in the Jurassic period and not ready for a pack of wily Allosaurs-

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

A Brontosaurus makes a meal for the other pack members, as does a Plateosaurus

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The Marx Allosaurus was the first of its breed and it was literally a thirty year wait before another came along. (I am disregarding the MPC Allosaur which was to my mind and eye a poor copy of the Marx. It will be discussed extensively, elsewhere.) Despite his pot belly and smirking look there will always be a place in my heart for this little character.

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Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

A Parting Dirty Look From a Marx Dump Allosaurus

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