The Apatosaurus: Great, Big, Dinosaur Toys

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The first Apatosaurus I came upon, wasn't.

The First Apatosaurus I came upon, wasn't.

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys

SRG Brontosaurus Dinosaur Toys This was because it was the SRG "Brontosaurus" (thunder lizard). (Left) In essence an Apatosaurish shaped metal cloud with virtually no detail. Largely small round indentations for the eyes and that was about it.
Back in 1951 this was the best (and only) one that I could hope for.

Marx Brontosaurus Dinosaur ToysIn 1955 The Louis Marx Company came out with their original Brontosaurus and then four years later, in 1959, they came out with their second. These were a quantum leap forward, even if they did have the wrong (Camarasaurus) head, no one knew it at the time. They were made of rubber and at just about nine inches in length (~1/100 scale) and they were great Dinosaur toys.

Invicta Apatosaurus Dinosaur ToysIn 1987 Invicta upped the ante with the introduction of their new (huge) 1/40th scale 20" Dinosaur toys. No longer in production these are/were beautiful models. And they could pretty much stomp smaller Dinosaur toys that got in their way.
In Dinosaur toys terms this was pretty much what the 75 foot long, twenty-five-ton Apatosaur could do in real life.

Apatosaurus, Dinosaur Toys

A New Toy in Town

1988 saw the appearance of the Carnegie Apatosaurus,

Carnegie Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Brightly painted (this one is twenty years old and play-faded) by Safari Ltd., (Opens new window) a truly huge and heavyweight addition to the herd. Competitively priced they (along with their Dino-brethren, Tyrannosaurs, Triceratops, Stegosaurs, etc) took the Dinosaur toys market by storm.
Invicta retaliated with their own painted versions

Invicta Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys
but all-in-all it was too little, too late and Safari has gone on to dominate the Dinosaur toys market while Invicta is out of the business.

The Apatosaurs, however get along quite well and like to hang-out together whenever possible....

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys
...and especially so when facing Megalosaurs.

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Here is our List of All Dinosaur Toys- Apatosaurus Style

(click on the highlighted company name for their version of the "thunder lizard")

Carnegie Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie (1988 & 1996) (The adult figure as well as the baby, have been upgraded regularly)

Apatosaurus China Dinosaur Toys China Trademark

Apatosaurus Invicta Dinosaur Toys Invicta Apatosaur (1987)

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys Marx Brontosaurus (1955)&(1959)

Apatosaurus Dinosaur ToysMPC Brontosaurus (1960s)

Safari Apatosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Apatosaur (1996)

Apatosaurus Baby Dinosaur Toys Safari Apato-Baby (1997)

Safari Apatosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Apatosaur (2010)

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys SRG Brontosaurus (1947)

This concludes the current listing of Apatosaurs. If you know of others please contact me and I'll add them, with their pictures, to the list of dinosaurs.

Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Many companies never made an Apatosaurus (for some reason) but did make a variety of other Sauropods. If your interest has been piqued to learn about collecting Dinosaur toys, simply see the fun one can have with their collection or learn more about collecting and Dinosaurs too, please check out The Dinosaur Toys collectors Guide Home Page.

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Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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