July 4 2011: God Bless America

T-Rexford, Rexford, Dinosaur Toys

Never in the history of our world has a nation been as free, and as well armed, as the United States of America. Many say, and the founding fathers believed, that the two go hand in hand.

Now being a T-Rex I rely on my teeth and claws (such as they are) and overall hugeness to guarantee my freedoms. You little soft ones, on the other hand, rely on the Second Amendment to your Constitution and your willingness to exercise that right for your freedoms.

As I lookout out over our nation on this July 4 2011, our Independence Day, I think of what Thomas Jefferson said: That, perhaps, a revolution every twenty years or so might be necessary.

What he meant was what our founding fathers knew. That bureaucracies, governments, are subject to "institutional creep." They tend to grow larger with time and take on more and broader mandates. In order for this 'Noble Experiment' to survive they knew it would be necessary for the citizens to keep a close watch.

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( These guys didn't vote and look what happened to them! )

Envisioning a wise and educated electorate it would be those citizen voters that would keep the government in line. Not a bloated and regulation happy government keeping the citizens enthralled.

Casper, Dinosaur Toys

I am the ghost of freedoms lost. oooooooooohhhhhhh.....

T-Rexford, Rexford, Dinosaur Toys

So, on this July 4th we are all standing on the edge of a slope, celebrating our freedoms, together. Where we go from here is up to us.

We here at TDTCG thank all of you who have and are defending our nation even as we speak. And a special thanks to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and their families, down through the years. Your sacrifice has not been in vain.

In closing I remember as a little T-Rex getting choked up watching Kate Smith on our 13-inch television singing "God Bless America." Check it out and watch it with us....

T-Rexford, Rexford, Dinosaur Toys God Bless America, July 4 2011 (opens new window)

Have a Wonderful Fourth of July



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