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Hadrosaurus Came in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

The Hadrosaurus was a late arrival to the Dinosaur scene but none the less made a major impact. The Hadrosauridae (a generic term) or "duck billed Dinosaur" was so named for their "duck bill" shaped mouths. They came in a variety of head shapes, many with hollow crests that may have been used to create trumpeting sounds that could be heard for miles. They were all bi-pedal vegetarians and lived in great herds of hundreds or thousands of individuals. The ga-honking must have been incredibe!

Hadrosaurus herd Dinosaur Toys

They had no means of self-defense against predators such as Tyrannosaurus (apart from their size, which was generally ~30-40 feet and weight of 2-5 tons, which really only made them fine & tasty), other than perhaps, their tails. It was the herd itself that provided protection. The smaller the herd, the greater the danger each Hadrosaurus (Opens New Window) found itself in.

MARX hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys SRG Trachodon Dinosaur Toys
My first Hadrosaurs were the SRG Trachodon figures I got from the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History) back in 1951. These were very upstanding citizens, almost at attention, and had little more detail than the vaguely golem-like "duck billed Dinosaur" shape provided. Their tails dragged and if they appeared alert it was just as likely that they were sleep walking.

Marx Trachodon Dinosaur ToysSoon, although it was five years which is in fact an eternity to a child, MARX came out with the first of their Dinosaur toys. Providing a generic Hadrosaurus and a Trachodon (in a much more lively pose) to my Dinosaur toy box. Several years later another Trachodon was presented and in 1961 a Parasaurolophus. Over the ensuing years several more Hadrosaurus Dinosaur toys were produced including a Lambeosaur by Invicta (I have never owned one or seen one in person) and a Corythosaurus shaped gray plastic thingosaur from, I think, The Royal Ontario Museum.

Carnegie Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys
But it wasn't until 1988 that Carnegie and Safari, Ltd. came out with their brightly painted ~1/40 scale Parasaurolophus, Maisaura and subsequent Hadrosaurus Dinosaur toys. These were superior Dinosaur toys and have taken the market by storm with upgrades and repaints through 2007.
The most recent Parasaurolophus that I have come across is from PAPO.

Papo Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys

List of All Dinosaurs: Hadrosaur
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Carnegie Maisaura Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Maisaura (1996)

Carnegie Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Parasaurolophus (1988)(1996-2007)

China Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys China Parasaurolophus (it squeeks)

Inpro Corythosaurus Dinosaur Toys Inpro Corythosaurus (1972)

Marx Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys Marx Hadrosaurus (1955)

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys Marx Parasaurolophus (1961)

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys Marx Trachodon (1955 & 1959)

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys MPC Trachodon (1964)

Papo Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys PAPO Parasaurolophus (2005)

Dinosaur Toys Playskool Parasaurolophus

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Toys Safari/Field Museum Anatotitan (2004)

Safari Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys Wild Safari Parasaurolophus baby (1997)

SRG Trachodon Dinosaur Toys SRG Trachodon (1947)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if Dinosaurs had survived and were still alive today. They'd have to be pretty special, that's for sure. So special, in fact, that they might form a team of Superheroes. Well, it's not impossible, it's entirely FOSSIBLE!

The Hadrosaurs were extremely common throughout the Cretaceous period when its great herds, numbering in the thousands, meandered across the landscape, eating whatever plants couldn't get out of their way. This was also the time of the great predators like Tyrannosaurus Rex who must have viewed them as a slow moving all-you-can-eat buffet.
The various species, Anatotitan (Trachodon), Corythosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Maisaura, Parasaurolophus et al must have made quite a sight and proved a movable feast as well.

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