From 1955 to 1980 Louis Marx and Company Produced What are Arguably the Most "Fun" Dinosaur Toys Ever!

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Louis Marx and Company was THE iconic toy company of the 20th Century. By 1955 MARX was the largest toy maker in the world, producing everything from little green army men and circus playsets to metal cap pistols and electric trains. With sales of $50m dollars Marx spent only $312.00 on advertising. In comparison Mattel, with sales of $6m spent $500,000.00. MARX lived up to it motto- "Quality is Not Negotiable" - and people loved its product, whatever it was.

Dinosaurs Appear

In 1955 the company began their production of the Dinosaur series of figures that ran until the company closed its doors c1980. The Dinosaurs themselves continue in production through today.

Marx Dinosaur Toys

So Here Is Your Complete List Of All Dinosaurs Made By Louis Marx and Company

Marx Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Allosaurus Original (1955) and Revised (1959) and yes, they have an attitude!

Marx Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys Ankylosaurus Original and Revised (1955 & 1959)

Marx Brontosaurus Dinosaur Toys Brontosaurus Original (1955) and Revised (1959)

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys Cynognathus (Small Mold Group-PL755 (1955)

Marx Dimetrodon Dinosaur Toys Dimetrodon: Original (1955) & Revised (1959)

Marx Hadrosaurus Dinosaur ToysHadrosaurus

Marx Iguanodon Dinosaur ToysIguanodon

Marx Kronosaurus Dinosaur ToysKronosaurus

Marx Woolly Mammoth Dinosaur ToysWoolly Mammoth

Marx Megatherium Dinosaur ToysMegatherium (Giant Ground Sloth)

Marx Moschops Dinosaur ToysMoschops

Marx Parasaurolophus Dinosaur ToysParasaurolophus

Marx Plateosaurus Dinosaur Toys Plateosaurus

Dinosaur ToysPteranodon

Marx Smilodon Dinosaur ToysSmilodon (Saber Tooth Tiger)

Marx Sphenacodon Dinosaur ToysSphenacodon

Marx Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys Stegosaurus Original (1955) and Revised (1959)

Marx Struthiomimus Dinosaur Toys Struthiomimus (1961)

Marx Styracosaurus Dinosaur ToysStyracosaurus

Marx trachodon Dinosaur Toys Trachodon Original (1955) and Revised (1959)

MARX Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Triceratops Original (1955) and Revised (1959)

Marx Pot Belly Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys "Pot-Belly" T-Rex

Marx Sleek T-Rex Dinosaur Toys "Sleek" T-Rex (1959)

Marx Cavemen Dinosaur ToysCaveMen

Cave & Accessories

Trees & Ferns



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The Louis Marx Toy Company is an icon in American history. There were, however, and are today many other companies that competed with or have "taken up the slack", so to speak, in the realm of making Dinosaur toys. If you are interested in seeing who those companies are (or were) and the Dinosaur toys that they made just click Here!

If you are looking for more information on Dinosaur toys in general or on The Louis Marx and Company in particular, here is where it's at.

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