Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

There's a Lot More to the MARX Cynognathus than Meets the Eye

A funny thing about the Marx Cynognathus is that I never really appreciated it until I did this page. I dismissed it as the smallest and silliest looking of the Marx Dinosaur toys. But in imagining what I would do to make it stand out I found that my imagination really took flight and I came to appreciate the detail work that went into this little fellow.


Marx Cynognathus...Weigh In Please

Dinosaur Toys
Weighing in at one sixth of an ounce (~4.5 gm) and two and three quarter (2.75") inches long the Marx Cynognathus is one of the smallest of the Dinosaur toys. In fact, he isn't even a Dinosaur at all, but a mammal-like reptile known as a therapsid. His name means "dog-jaw" and he may even have had whiskers, like a modern dog. The Cynognathus was three and a half to five feet in length and weighed perhaps a hundred pounds. He was wolf like in size and is believed to have hunted, like a wolf, in packs. He was close to, if not the, apex predator of his day. His day was the late Permian period and early Triassic period- 230 million to 250 million years ago. More information about the Cynognathus can be found here.

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
Clearly in need of a meal these lightweights find 21st Century dining-out a bit cumbersome at best. Besides, they have no table manners....

And, hence, the age-old question:
Where's the Beef?

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

Being in the 21st Century they do find some beef- but it is a bit tough for their menu- and their abilitiesMarx Cynognathus Dinosaur ToysMarx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys


But they do find other prey to stalk, Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

...and even if some get away...Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

...others are caught...Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

...and brought down.

But these guys are out of place in the 21st Century, so they head back in time....

The Cretaceous period is Dangerous, (even fatal)

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

But the Jurassic period can be tasty if you come across an already severely injured Stegosaurus ....Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys

The MARX Cynognathus is a very, very well made and sculpted figure. There is not a square millimeter of his body that isn't highly detailed.
From belly

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
to back

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
and left (its name is embossed on the left side of the tail)

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
and right sides (its length is embossed on the right side of the tail)

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
show us that this is one of the Dinosaur toys that has had a lot of love put into its making. His head, in particular, is very highly detailed for such a small figure

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

Back to Our Adventure in Time

Home at last

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

Our weary time travelers rejoin with their pack

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
(One thing that I have discovered is that there really is a dearth of figures from the late Permian period into the early Triassic period. This was before the great Dinosaurs appeared and there are few creatures from the time that have graduated from extinct to plastic.)

And go on the Hunt

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
A small herd of Moschops is spotted just slightly out of their timestream. They are quickly attacked and the weak, foolish and unlucky become victims,

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys
and so our little "Wolves of the Triassic" finally get a decent meal.

Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

I hope that you have enjoyed our little trip through time with Cynognathus. Marx is no longer in business and this mold is among the missing so it is very, very extinct. You can still find them from private collectors, at flea markets and garage and estate sales and on eBay. They seem common (or unwanted generally) and I wouldn't pay more than $5.00 for one unless it was gold-plated (which happens).

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Marx Cynognathus Dinosaur Toys

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