Marx Small Mold Group

The Small Mold Group greatly broadened the age range of these wonderful toys.

Small Mold Group Dinosaur Toys

The Small Mold Group, PL-755, was so named because these figures were in fact the smallest that Marx toys produced.

There were five different figures that comprised the small mold group. Included were two each of the Dimetrodon and the Plateosaurus* (see below) for a total of seven all together. Also interestingly enough is that three of these creatures aren't Dinosaurs at all and came Before the Dinosaurs. The figures were:

Marx Small Mold Group Dinosaur Toys
(1) the Cynognathus was an early-mid Triassic hunter and the smallest of the Marx toys figures. Presented here in the largest possible view (left), it is really quite cute in person and just under three inches (3") long and three quarters inch (.75") at the highest point- its mid-back. This little guy is in about 1/20 scale. This is one of those non-Dinosaur, Dinosaur toys.

Small Mold Group Dinosaur Toys

Marx Small Mold Group Dinosaur Toys

(2) the Dimetrodon (above) (famous for it's "sail") was the "apex predator" of the mid-Permian, 50 million years before the first Dinosaurs. As a point of comparison this figure is 3.25" in length and just over 1.5" to the top of the "sail". These are in ~1/26 scale, odd... huh? Another of the pre Dinosaur toys figures.
Marx Dinosaur Toys Sphenacodon(3) The Sphenacodon (right) was from the early-Permian and was also a top predator- in this rendition 3.75" long and quite heavily built. And, Yes! another member of the small mold group Dinosaur toys that came before the Dinosaurs. It is in 1/23 scale.

Marx Small Mold Group Dinosaur Toys

(4) the Plateosaurus (above) IS, or was, an actual Dinosaur, an herbivore and a Prosauropod Dinosaur from the late Triassic Period, presented here, by Marx, in an upright stance. Today it is widely believed to also have been comfortable in a four-footed stance, rising up on its hind legs for browsing. The Plateosaurus was a progenitor to the Brontosaurus and the great Sauropods of the Jurassic Period. He is in 1/64 scale based on what Marx considered his size to be (20 feet long) and 1/86th scale based on contemporary understanding (~27 feet in length).

(5) The fifth and final member of the small mold group is the redoubtable and horny-headed Triceratops, among the very last of the Dinosaurs to go extinct and one of the most famous as well. To be fair Marx determined that in real lifre these were 20-feet long, making this 1/70 scale. Paleontologic reality, however, puts the T-tops at 28-feet or so making this is ~1/100 scale. See what I mean about the scale being all over the place? It did keep all the Dinosaur toys, however, in relatively close size for convenient play. And that was the whole point. Yes? In 1/100 scale you could barely see a Cynognathus.....

Marx Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

This might be a good time to note that since Marx made no noticeable effort to be consistent in scale from one Dinosaur figure to the next I am not making any effort for my pictures to accurately convey relative size of the Marx figures either. So be it.

The Small Mold Group marked an expansion of the Marx Dinosaur Toys era from pre-Dinosaurs in the Permian to the very end of the Age Of Dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous. The figures were meant for play and not detached, scientific study and served this function admirably.

*NOTE: In the small mold group, there were two figures each of the Plateosaurus and the Dimetrodon, for a total of seven actual figures representing the five different genera. In each case the two figures were nearly identical to each other, but for very minor differences. On the Plateosaurus, along the right side of the tail read the words "20' LONG". On one of the figures the "2" is slightly higher than the "0", and on the other figure the two numbers are level. The Dimetrodon had very minor differences between the two figures as well, involving the "lines" on the underside of the tail (think of the scales on the belly of a snake). Along the tail reads the words "7' LONG". On one of the animals, one of the tail lines points directly at the "N" of the word "LONG", while in the other figure the tail line points between the "N" and the "G". Why Marx chose to duplicate these two figures with such minor differences is a matter of debate. (This courtesy of Jeff Pfeiffer)

Sadly the Small Mold was lost or broken sometime in the 1970s and these five figures are permanently extinct. Or plastinct, if you prefer.

The Small Mold Group, PL-755, completed the first fourteen Marx dinosaur toys figures. These fourteen comprised total production from 1955 to 1959.

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