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Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
The Diplodocus was a one of the longest Sauropod Dinosaurs to ever live. It grew up to one hundred feet (100') or more in length and weighed from ten to twenty tons (10-20 tons). Yet of those one hundred feet only about the middle fifteen feet or so was actually devoted to the body.

Carnegie, Diplodocus, Dinosaur Toys
The very small head was perched at the end of its quite a long neck.... Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys-------Here we see the Invicta on the left and a more colorful and realistic head on the Carnegie version on the right. The primary predators that the Diplodocus faced were

Allosaurus, Diplodocus, Dinosaur Toys Allosaurs, a thirty-foot long and two-ton predator and the smaller (~20 feet long) Ceratosaurus. Of course the Allosaurus needed to attack as a pack because of the enormous size differential. They would seek weakened, elderly and injured prey and try to cut them out of the herd.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
However a healthy and whole Diplodocus could use its long (half its total length long) tail like a whip, snapping predators legs and breaking ribs with ease. The end of that tail could travel at the the speed of sound when snapped. He must have been hell in the shower....

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysIn addition to the long neck and tail the Diplodocus had comparatively long legs as well. Its front feet had an extended inner claw, the purpose of which is unknown. It is presumed that this Sauropod was able to rear up on its back legs and be able toCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysBattat Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys reach leaves
as high as forty or
fifty feet above the ground. These were incredibly long and graceful looking Dinosaurs and make equally beautiful Dinosaur toys.

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Battat Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Battat (1994)

Sauropods Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Amargasaurus (2006) A close relative of the Diplodocus!

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie (2006)

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Invicta (1974)

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