Carnegie Allosaur Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Allosaurs Set the Standard for Realism

Carnegie Allosaurs: All new for 1988


(picture courtesy of Therinzosaurus)
Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

1988 saw the debut of the Carnegie Allosaurs, by Safari, Ltd, the first dedicated Allosaurus. He was rather doughy and clumsy looking and there was room for improvement but I had always loved the Allosaurus and I was thrilled. If anything he is reminiscent of all of our nightmares of a monster coming towards us...reaching out- which isn't half bad for an apex predator when you think about it. He came in two flavors, light and dark, as seen here.

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

But there was improvement in the air and by ~1995 the next generation was weighing in at four & 7/8 ounces, ~10.5" length and standing 4.75" tall. This beautiful creation had plenty of personality and appeared in what for the time (which is up to and including today) is a very active pose. This is and was a great toy dinosaur. His fore claws are spread wide and his well shaped head has its mouth open, ready to bite. He is 1/40 scale and usually costs ~$8.00 - $12.00.

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

I have two of these green ones left. I got them at around the same time in 1995, and of interest is that their product information belly markings are reversed and they are different basic colors, one more blue than the other. I also did not like the overlong tail and chose to shorten it. (Other Dino-surgery tips here.) The Carnegie Allosaurs were designed to stand in a tripod, two feet and tail on the ground, but now mine will stand bipedally, as in real life. Which mine may not be....

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys I understand that the green is no longer in production and there is a new Carnegie Allosaurus in town. It is very similar in pose but clearly, a whole new sculpt. Thank you Safari Ltd, makers of the Carnegie line-up, and thank you for your generous help and support in the creation of this page.

Carnegie Allosaur Dinosaur Toys

(Coincidentally the following year, 1996, saw the introduction of the first Safari Ltd. branded Allosaurus.)

Carnegie Allosaurs on the Hunt

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

"What the heck is this?"

Whether on the kitchen counter... or out in the wilds, the Allosaurs blend into their environment...

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

...silently stalking their prey.

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

Whether it comes with its own plates and toothpicks...Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

...or is an innocent seeming youth...

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys
The Carnegie Allosaurs know what they want on their plate and are experts at bringing home the bacon....

Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys


Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

The Carnegie Allosaurs are great Dinosaur toys that have stood the test of time and are as playable and delightful today as they were when they first came out in 1995. The paint on mine has survived toy box life for fifteen years and as you can see, they are still the mischievous little fellows they were when I first got them.

I have found both the new gray and older green versions for sale new, online and in stores, for from $8.00 to $12.00. Online usually tacks on shipping but any good Dinosaur toys store should have them in stock. Mine does.

For more information on the Carnegie line, or Safari-Ltd, the company that makes them, just click on their names. If you are interested in other Allosaurs, Dinosaur toy companies or the Home Page I'm sure that you are as enterprising as the Carnegie Allosaurs and will come up with what you are hunting for.

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Carnegie Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

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