Fossil Fondue on the Diplodocus Blog: October 29, 2009

(the Diplodocus blog archive.)

Our Diplodocus main page went up today and we have some gorgeous pictures of The Carnegie and Invicta offerings. We are looking forward to doing the Carnegie Diplodocus page tomorrow.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Today we created a "blog archive" page for our more memorable updates (including this Diplodocus blog).

Now, as promised, our plastic surgery center....Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys To do that voo-doo that you can do to rubber Dinosaurs requires water at or near the boiling point. (KIDS! Get your parents to help you with this procedure!! Can be dangerous! Okay? Please!!) I use the microwave to achieve that end. Here we see our little Safari, Ltd. Dilophosaurus re-enacting his experience. The small container was used for the neck, the larger one fit the tail perfectly. In both cases time in the "hot-tub" was a ten-count, then a quick removal and careful pressure exerted to bend to shape. This has worked for any number of figures ranging from the "Big Red" Jurassic Park/Kenner T-Rex through every other manufacturer who produced a figure that just didn't stand upright, right. I suggest that you hold the figure and blow on it once it is in the position you desire. The paint is unaffected. The larger the figure and the thicker the part the longer it will take to cool.
This particular figure is very well balanced to begin with. He stood in a three-point stance initially, but when put on an edge the tail dropped below his feet level and he stood bipedally. That showed me that I did not need to do anything with the feet, only the tail, bringing it up a little. I also wanted the head to be in a more horizontal position so I bent it forward slightly. This required sticking him in head first, getting the neck to bend. Remember- for a figure this size ten seconds in near boiling water is plenty. It will remain hot enough for several minutes, certainly long enough for the "operation." Safari Dilophosaurus Dinosaur ToysSafari Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toys

You can see in the picture on the left how the figure is sort of stretching upward balanced on the feet and tail. In the second photo he is clearly standing on his own two feet, head held horizontally.

(This was the Diplodocus blog archive.)

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Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Q: Why did the Diplodocus cross the road?

A: He didn't really. He stood on one side and reached across.

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