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Safari offers a great variety of ever improving Dinosaur toys.

Safari Dinosaur Toys

Founded in 1980 as an educational toy company operating out of the founders apartment, Safari Ltd. has grown into a $200m business.

The growth of their business is mirrored in the new (and very realistic) Dinosaur figures it produces today. The Safari Dinosaurs range in price from about $2.99 to $9.99. Safari also produces the Carnegie Collection of prehistoric animals.

Safari had been producing Dinosaur toys for the Carnegie Collection since 1988. In 1993 they produced 'the Dinosaurs of China' series and 1996 saw Safari jump into the Dinosaur toys game with their own branded line of figures. These were somewhat toy-like but none-the-less realistic and are generally sold as individual figures, out of a bin or off the shelf a la the early MARX Dinosaur toys. Carnegie has remained their "serious" dinosaur toys line although the Safari line itself has been getting a lot more 'serious' of late.

Safari Baby Dinosaur ToysRanging from cute little Dinosaur babies introduced in 1997 and still available new in retail stores to the amazingly realistic (and ferocious looking)Safari Dunkleosteus Dinosaur Toys Sea Reptile armored fish from the

Devonian Period, Dunkleosteus, Safari is producing the broadest line of prehistoric creatures and Dinosaur toys of any manufacturer today.

Safari Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Demonstrating their commitment to quality Safari has come out with new molds to replace older models. Here we see the new T-Rex for 2008 standing in front of the more toy-like toy T-Rex from 1996 (still one of my favorites).

Ranging from Carnivores...

Safari Dinosaur Toys Carnivores Herbivores...

Safari Dinosaur Toys

Safari has a deep and broad line of Dinosaur toys to augment your personal herd(s).

Given their price point and good looks these make really excellent Dinosaur toys with great "playability". They are tough and wear only makes them look tougher. The 1996 T-Rex is still one of my personal favorites even though it was superseded in 2008. You can read about them and the other Safari Dinosaur toys by clicking on the links in the list of Dinosaurs below.

If you are more interested in reading about other dinosaur toy companies- click here.
Otherwise let us proceed with...

List of All Dinosaurs by Safari Ltd (that I own)!
(I would like to directly thank Safari Ltd for their generous help in making the range and depth of this page possible.)

(Just click on the highlighted name to access the Dinosaur toys figure page.)

Safari Allosaurs Dinosaur ToysAllosaurus (1996 & 2008)

Sauropods Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Amargasaurus (2006) Actually a Carnegie Collection figure but they neglected to put that in its imprint!

Anatotitan Dinosaur Toys Safari/Field Museum Anatotitan (2004)

Safari Apatosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Apatosaurus (1996)

Safari Apatosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Apatosaurus (2010)

Safari Arsinotherium Dinosaur Toys Arsinotherium (2005)

Safari Baby Dinosaur Toys Baby Dinosaurs (1997)(Baby Spinosaur) (Baby Tyrannosaurus) Baby Dinosaurs!

Safari Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Toys Brachiosaurus (1996) & (2008)

Safari Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carcharodontosaurus (1996)

Safari Ceratosaurus Dinosaur toys Ceratosaurus (1996)

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toys Safari Dilophosaurus (2008)

Safari Dunkleosteus, Dinosaur ToysDunkleosteus (2006)

Safari Gorgosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Gorgosaurus (1996)

Safari Kentrosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Kentrosaurus (2010)

Safari Liopleurodon, Dinosaur Toys Safari Liopleurodon (2010)

Safari Mosasaurus, Dinosaur Toys Mosasaurus (1991) This is the same figure as the Carnegie Mosasaurus- it was copyrighted in 1990 for Carnegie, then again in 1991 for Safari Ltd, the actual manufacturer.

Safari Mosasaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Mosasaurus (2010)

Sauropods Dinosaur Toys Safari Nigersaurus (2008)

Safari Dinosaur Toys "Dino-Discoveries" Oviraptor on Nest (2007)

Safari Postosuchus Dinosaur ToysPostosuchus (2008)

Safari Pteranodon Dinosaur ToysPteranodon (1999)

Safari Pterosaur Dinosaur ToysPterosaur (2006)

Safari Scutosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Scutosaurus (2008)

Safari Smilodon Dinosaur toysSmilodon (1997)

Safari Spinosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Spinosaurus (2001)

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys "Great Dinosaurs" series Spinosaurus

Safari Stegosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Stegosaurus (1996)

Safari Stegosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Safari Stegosaurus (2007)

Safari Styracosaurus Dinosaur Toys Styracosaurus (1998)

Safari Suchimimus Dinosaur Toys Suchimimus (2005)

Safari Tapejara Dinosaur ToysTapejara (2008)

Dinosaur Toys Safari/Field Museum Torosaurus (2004)

Safari Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Triceratops (1996 & 2007)

Safari Tyrannosaurus Sue Dinosaur Toys "SUE" for The Field Museum (2004 - two figures)

Safari T-Rex Dinosaur Toys Safari Dino-Discoveries T-Rex Hatchling (2006)

Safari Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys Juvenile Tyrannosaurus (2005)

Safari Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys Tyrannosaurus (1996) & Tyrannosaurus (2006)

Safari Ltd Dinosaur ToysSafari "Great Dino" Velociraptor

Safari Ltd Dinosaur ToysWild Safari Velociraptor Mongoliensis (1993)"Dinosaurs of China" series

Safari Ltd Dinosaur Toys Wild Safari Velociraptor (2007)

Safari Ltd. is a very serious player in the creation of realistic Dinosaur toys.

Coming out of the shadows.
Not so much seen, as sensed.
Stalked by the fearsome Velociraptor Mongoliensis

Safari Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys

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