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Morganton Sunshine YOGA Schedule

Private YOGA Classes by Appointment.


To begin (Morganton) Sunshine Yoga began back in 1973 and is named after my daughter. It has been running continuously now, since then. It is a one man operation. I teach. You learn.

HATHA Yoga is simply physical Yoga. It is what you see pictures of people doing. It is poses called "asanas" that you do, pictures are NOT Yoga, they are just pictures of people in a moment of time.

Yoga is what you do. Yoga is action and active and very experiential. We focus in our classes on experiencing what we are doing. Yoga is an inside job. Inside you.

So what is "Power Yoga" anyway?

"Power Yoga" is nothing! It is just a retailing phrase to separate Hatha Yoga from all the other retailing phrases used to describe the great variety of styles the mass selling of "Yoga" has generated.

Everybody and his cousin is trying to differentiate "their" style from everybody else's. My use of the term "Power Yoga" was coined to make it more attractive to members of a gym I worked out of. Hatha Yoga, done correctly, is power(ful) Yoga.

There are many 'styles' of Hatha Yoga being retailed ranging from "Bikram" which is conducted in what amounts to a sauna (requiring you to use the seller's facility) through "Vinyasa" or "flow" Yoga which amounts to an extended Sun Salutation. I teach basic, physical Yoga as it has been taught for millenia. No props, no special venue. Just Yoga.

At St. Charles Borromeo Catholc Church (opens new window), 728 West Union Street, Morganton, NC 828-303-8719

  • Tuesday @ 6:00- 7:30pm - Murray Hall (East end, Main Floor)

  • St. Charles Classes are $6.00.

At The Balanced Body (opens new window), 408 W. Fleming Dr., Suite-E, Morganton, NC 828-303-8719

  • Tuesday @ 9:00- ~10:30am -Hatha/Power YOGA

  • Tuesday @ 11:00- ~11:30 - YOGA for Lunch (see below)

  • Tuesday @ 12:00- ~1:00 - Stretch/Power YOGA

  • Wednesday @ 6:00- 7:30pm -Hatha Yoga By Appointment Only

  • All Thursday Classes On Hiatus/By Appointment until June 9, 2016

  • Thursday @ 9:00- 10:30 -Hatha Yoga

  • Thursday @ 11:00 - 12:00 Hatha Yoga

  • Thursday @ 12:10 - 12:45 Yoga for Lunch

  • Saturday @ 9:00- 10:30am -Hatha/Power YOGA

  • All POWER/HATHA YOGA Classes are $10.00, 3 for $25.00

  • YOGA for Lunch is $5.00

What Is Morganton Sunshine Yoga?

Morganton Sunshine YOGA is NOT your Granny's Yoga. It is Yoga with Attitude, an energetic and assertive approach to the ancient discipline that focuses on your body, in the here and now. You will find this to be the fastest hour/hour-and-a-half you spend all week!

  • Build core body strength.
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Improve endurance.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Burn calories and body fat.
  • Focus your energy.

Experience your body as never before as you discover muscles you didn't know you had using this proven 4000 year old discipline, similar in many ways to the martial arts.

Benefits of Power Yoga:

  • More energy.
  • Better posture.
  • Look and feel better.
  • Lower body fat percentage.
  • Eliminate food cravings.

What About Pain and Injuries?

  • Those nagging little injuries, muscle spasms and pulls will decrease.
  • You will be able to focus better on all of your fitness goals because...
  • You won't have to "work-around" some nagging little pain you just know you should not have gotten in the first place.

Power Yoga classes are taught by Barry Jaeger:

  • 39 years experience teaching Yoga.
  • Began teaching Yoga at the Pavilion in Venice Beach, California, for the Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation Department in 1973.
  • Taught privately and at the local YMCA in Chapel Hill, NC from 1979 to 1983.
  • Resident Yoga teacher at The Gym in Carrboro from 1983 until 1996.
  • At Ric Flair's Gold's Gym from 1996 until 2002.
  • Moved to Morganton in 2008 and began teaching at Body-Tech Fitness in late 2010 and at St. Charles in mid-2011.
  • At age 67 is familiar with the changes the human body goes through as it ages.
  • Many of those changes, including unwanted weight gain and progressive tightening of the muscles and joints can be ameliorated, if not avoided completely.
  • Has the personal and first hand experience of working with and around injuries and chronic problems.

The Yoga Express!/ Yoga for Lunch

* Approximately one half-hour of Yoga exercises specially chosen to relieve tension, refresh and rejuvenate. Return to work relaxed and ready for the rest of the day. Helps to avoid that mid-afternoon 'let-down.'

* Eliminate those little injuries, those nagging pulls and strains that hinder us in our exercise programs and daily lives.

* Increase flexibility and improve range of motion as you build strength.

* One half-hour will be all you need to leave feeling better than when you came in.

* Let us know what times will be best for you.

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