Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur toys

Controversial Feathered Dinosaur Toys Make Cute Dinosaurs

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys
Adding feathers simply creates cute Dinosaurs. It softens their edges and changes the texture of their "skin". It adds depth to the sculpture and provides for bright coloration.

It has been accepted evolutionary theory that modern birds have descended from Theropod (mostly carnivorous) Dinosaurs and the first manufacturer to take this into the toy box was Safari Ltd. with their Carnegie Collection in 2004 and the introduction of their blue-feathered Oviraptor. The next year saw four more cute Dinosaurs producedCute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys in the forms of a Beipiaosaurus, Caudipteryx, Dilong (opens new window) and Microraptor. 2006 saw the issuance of a new Oviraptor sculpture, with more feathers and contrasting, brighter colors.

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys
2005 also saw Safari Ltd. produce a very cute Dinosaur under their own Wild Safari brand (left), a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex. Covered in green, down-like feathers and ready for action. (below)Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys
Then in 2008 Bullyland came out with their own contribution to these cute Dinosaurs in the form their own feathered Velociraptor.

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys

This figure is done in a softer rubber and is possibly the most controversial new figure to be released in the past several years. People, collectors, seem to either love it or hate it with most in the former camp. I personally like it.

These cute Dinosaurs vary in Scale

Most of the Carnegie Collection come in 1/40 scale. Their Oviraptor (opens new window), Beipiaosaurus and Dilong are in 1/10 while the Caudipteryx and Microraptor is in 1/4. (Microraptor left, Caudipteryx on the right)

Feathered Dinosaur Toys

The Bullyland Velociraptor is ostensibly in 1/20. The Wild Safari Juvenile T-Rex is probably in 1/60(+/-). These are all around the same size in absolute terms, ranging from six and one half inches (Microraptor) to nine (for the Bullyland Velociraptor). All are from the Theropod family and may be considered to be related to modern birds in some way although they all appeared later in the fossil record than the Archaeopteryx, an earlier and more bird-like creature.

List of All Dinosaurs of the Feathered Variety

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Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Velociraptor (2008)

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Beipiaosaurus (2005)

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Caudipteryx (2005)

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Dilong (2005)

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Microraptor (2005)

Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Oviraptor (2004 & 2006)

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Safari Dino-Discoveries Oviraptor on Nest (2007)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toys Safari Juvenile T-Rex (2005)

These Dinosaur toys are colorful and cuddly in a particularly "birdtilian" sort of way and visually delightful departures from the unfeathered, run-of-the-mill Dinosaur toys.m I think we'll be seeing more of these "feathered friends" coming in the future.

Cute Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys

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