Dinosaur History Comes Alive With Bullyland

Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur history is brought to life across the eons by Bullyland.


Bullyland has created a Dinosaur toys line-up ranging from
Bullyland Dinosaur Toys AmmoniteAmmonites, Belemnites and Trilobites to
feathered Velociraptors.Bullyland Dinosaur Toys Velociraptor

The entire range of Dinosaur history and pre-history, from the Devonian to the Cretaceous, can be held in your hands.

Bullyland was founded in Spraitbach, Germany in the early 1970s and is a leader in the production of toxic-free plastic figures. In 1998 Bullyland opened a museum in Spraitbach to showcase their production.

What also makes these unique among Dinosaur toys today is that they are "Made in Germany" and NOT in China.

Bullyland's Early Entry in Dinosaur Toys

Bullyland Early Dinosaur Toys

These early Bullyland Dinosaur Toys have "Bully" and "W. Germany" embossed on them. This leads me to guess that they were produced when there was an "East" Germany, sometime prior to October, 1990. Given their general design these seem to date from the 1970s. They are a soft plastic and not suitable for small children due to how easily small pieces can be bitten off and swallowed.

Bullyland Dinosaur ToysThey have become obsolete as Dinosaur toys and are, today, perhaps only of value as collectibles... or lunch.

Toy Dinosaur History Comes to Life On Our Home Page

Bullyland Goes Contemporary

Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

By the early 1990s Bullyland presented this series of much more realistic looking little figures (the wingspan of the Pteranodon is 4.5"). These are actually quite cute Dinosaurs and have a lot of expression. Also at this time Bullyland began putting the Dinosaur name on each figure and the country of origin now reads "Germany".

As the 90s proceeded so did Bullyland, coming out with their Museum Line.Bullyland Dinosaur Toys
Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

Including some very nice early ocean life including pre-cursors to the great sea reptiles.

<(Picture courtesy of Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs) Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

The Bullyland Dinosaur History Toys List

(Clearly not a list of all Dinosaurs made by Bullyland.)

Bullyland Dinosaur Toys Original Production

Bullyland Small Dinosaur Toys Small Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Allosaurus

Bullyland Cavemen Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Cavemen

Bullyland Dimetrodon Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Dimetrodon

Bullyland Elasmosaurus Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Elasmosaurus

Bullyland Giganotosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Bullyland, Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Giganotosaurus

Bullyland Icthyosaurus Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Icthyosaurus

Bullyland Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Pachycephalosaurus

Bullyland Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Triceratops Museum Line

Bullyland Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Triceratops Small

Bullyland Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys Tyrannosaurus

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Velociraptor (2008)(much maligned!)

Bullyland Dinosaur Toys Early Sea Life

Bullyland Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Soft-Play

I would like to thank

Bullyland for their contributions and support in the creation of this site.

I have every intention of adding new (and new to me) Bullyland Dinosaur toys to my collection. I even like the feathered Velociraptor although my wife (and seemingly nearly everyone else) thinks it is ugly or at least annoying.

On the other hand she loves the "soft play" figures and immediately hugged them up. These "soft-play' figures are large (14-21 inches) and remindful of the great Kenner Dinosaur toys made for the Jurasssic Park movie in the early 1990s.

If you would like to see other companies that make Dinosaur toys please go here. Or, if you simply are seeking more information on Dinosaur toys or Dinosaur history in general then try our Home Page.

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Bullyland Dinosaur Toys

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