Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys

The Bullyland Velociraptor: Ferocious Feathers

Feathered Dinosaur Toys: The Bullyland Velociraptor

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysIt is hard to believe the amount of controversy caused by this finely feathered fellow. Dinosaur toys collectors everywhere have risen in protest against this two & one-eighth ounce (2.125 oz, 61 gms), nine inch (9", 23 cms) long (officially 1/20 scale) soft rubber member of the Dinosaur toys community. This is a "love-it" or "hate-it" pre-flight Velociraptor simulation.
Personally, I like it. It is made of a softer rubber than most contemporary Dinosaur toys so this Bullyland Velociraptor is quite capable of playing pretty rough with it's fellow Dinosaur toys while having a (seeming) lessened likelihood of getting damaged. I was motivated to buy these when watching birds while dog walking. (I watched, she wanted to catch.)

(below- Bullyland Velociraptor harassment of Bullyland Pachycephalosaurus)

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys The head of this Dinosaur toy is very colorful with bands of yellow, turquoise and brown melding into silver-gray and black feathers covering its entire body. The texturing is deep and thick, strongly implying

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys that we have a very well insulated creature underneath the feather-quilt.

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys The terra-cotta brown on the belly of the Bullyland Velociraptor varies from

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys(In the above picture the size difference is purely one of perspective.)
lighter to darker shades as these figures are individually hand painted. This is another nice aspect to these Dinosaur toys, yours will be an individual. Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys The hand painting extends to the Bullyland Velociraptors mouth where-in the palate is painted in a pale purplish hue, the tongue is a deep red while the floor of the mouth (and the lingual frenulum?) is a dark brown or black. The teeth are individually detailed and painted white. Fourteen teeth in the upper and eighteen in the lower jaw.
The underlying rubber is a bright, bone-white and the hand painting is a bit delicate having a tendency to rub off, exposing the white underneath.

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys(The Bullyland Triceratops is a dangerous canape.)

In my humble opinion... (My humility can be gauged by the fact that I have devoted this entire website to my opinions, likes and dislikes of Dinosaur toys.) the Bullyland Velociraptor is a very nicely done and highly detailed

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur toys figure. The soft rubber makes it quite different from the many harder-rubber figures out there, both from Bullyland and many other companies. The malleable legs allow it to (relatively) easily jump onto and hold on to its prey. Here (below) we see them in action.
This all happened on my office floor....

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Spotting a lone Parasaurolophus (above) our pack of Bullyland Velociraptors first try to panic it into running. This will give them the chance to surround, leap upon and overwhelm the Paradeliciosaurus. Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Bullyland VelociraptorDinosaur Toys The hapless Paradelicious is brought to its "knees" and will shortly be no more than a tasty meal for the ferocious feathered Bullyland Velociraptor pack....

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys


"Stop, stop cut...cut... one of our stars is injured....."

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys("Do we eat him or call the para-medics?")

This is a tragic turn of events folks and it looks as if we will have to cut our page short to take care of this emergency.... Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysThe break appears to be a clean one but the entire foot is held on by only a small sliver of "skin"! Oh, the humanity, the humanity.

The Bullyland Velociraptor Medical Team Converges

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysOur crack medical unit gathers about the unconscious patient as they evaluate his tragic injury. "It's a good thing they didn't eat him, too" is their wise diagnosis. Yes, being devoured could have complicated

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys things all right. In this case it can be "easily" healed. Because of the soft rubber the Bullyland Velociraptor is made of we can push a pin up through the heel. It will act as support, like rebar, holding the broken foot onto the leg. A second pin will create a strong structure so it will not easily twist out of line. "His repaired 'bionic' leg will be stronger, faster...."
And so our ($11.99+ S&H & two pins) Velociraptor has been healed with the help of the Dinoville Medical Team. (Hooray!)
Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysAs can be seen, here in the post-surgery, the pins have been placed in our still unconscious Bullyland Velociraptor's "heel" and are creating a good bond. Due to the clean break there is virtually no evidence of the damage to be seen.
The patient is assured that "It is better than new," and he poses with the "Angels of Mercy." (below)

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys
"I'm sure glad they didn't eat me...."

Yes, being mended is a lot better than being a meal.

Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysActually that Bullyland Velociraptor wasn't hurt while we were doing the page. And no, we don't use stunt doubles either. The reality is that I found him in my Velociraptor box with the ankle broken for no apparent reason. I have no idea. I had two others that have been roughly carried in my car ready to leap out for interesting photo-ops (although Rexford seems to have that venue locked up) and they are fine. A little wear on their paint jobs but no damage despite over a year of regularly rough handling. Not to mention the temperature range from high Summer in the Southeastern USA to subfreezing winter days, all while laying in a box with tools and various other odds & ends I drive around with.
One of the things that I really like about these is the soft rubber that they are made out of and which proved to be the salvation for the broken ankle. Ordinarily the hard rubber that Dinosaurs toys are made of is very resistant to repair, glues usually being worthless. A similar injury could require a "hot" pin to make the repair which is both dangerous and a sloppier repair.

This figure came out in 2008 and remains in production, being part of Bullyland's Museum Line and is available on the "web" for $11.99. I did a search and that's the only price I have seen. These are made in Germany (NOT China) by Bullyland and are made using a proprietary process so Bullyland guarantees that there are neither pthalates nor any PVC in their product. I still wouldn't eat one although they did seem willing to eat each other.
Despite the anomalous broken leg I still really like these figures. Yes, the Bullyland Velociraptor is a little 'brutish' in appearance and the stance is a bit melodramatic. But the play value of the soft rubber is extremely high (witness the abortive attack on the Parasaurolophus earlier) and these really don't damage easily at all.

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Bullyland Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys

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