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The Spinosaurus is a Spectacular Looking Dinosaur Toy

The Spinosaurus,


with its tall spines along its back, makes for a very interesting member of the Dinosaur toys family. The elongated skull provides interesting interpretations and the "sail" makes for a multi-colored palette. We of course have no idea what color these were and in the area of Dinosaur toys they range from the bland gray of the Papo Spinosaurus to the bright orange Safari.

From the 1996 Carnegie Spinosaur wrestling over a fish Carnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys to the 2008 Carnegie version contemplating the river to the quite pleased 2007 Papo Spinosaur at the market shopping for dinner.

Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys
There are a variety of excellent Spinosaurus Dinosaur toys choices available to both the contemporary collector and consumer.

Given the conical shaped teeth, elongated skull with the nostrils placed high-up and on the top and other evidence it is clear that the Spinosaur was primarily a piscavore, or fish-eater. However given his size (~60 feet long and up to ten tons) and other factors it is believed that he was also a scavenger

Safari Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys
(Safari Spinosaur and Suchimimus scavenging a Marx Triceratops)
and an "opportunistic" predator, meaning that while he might not be actively hunting for you, if he met you, he'd eat you...

Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys
which is not much solace.
The Spinosaur can be considered to have filled much the same ecological niche that today's Grizzly Bear occupies.

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Carnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Spinosaur (1996)

Carnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Spinosaurs (2008)

Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Papo Spinosaur (2005)

Safari Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Safari Spinosaur (2001)

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys (1)-(A Spinosaur Family Picnic) (2)- Safari Ltd. Dino-Baby (2002)

Spinosaurus Dinosaur ToysSafari Ltd., "Great Dinosaurs"

Safari Suchimimus Dinosaur Toys Safari Suchimimus (2005) [The Suchimimus is a close relative of the Spinosaur.)

You can find other companies that make great Dinosaur toys as well as a great overview of the history of Dinosaur toys at the Dinosaur Toys Collectors Guide.

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Spinosaurus Dinosaur toys

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