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PAPO Dinosaur Toys are Cool Dinosaurs.


Ever on the lookout for Cool Dinosaurs I was wandering through a local toy shop during the early Fall of 2006. The leaves were falling, the air crisp, and on the shelf, looking down at me with little eyes bright and shining was the finest Dinosaur Toy model I had ever seen.

The Papo Velociraptor, clearly hungry, could not take its eyes off me, nor I him. There were two, plus two equally beautiful Tyrannosaurus right there next to them. Price was no object here!

Based upon the Jurassic Park movie dinosaurs this French based company had produced two of the absolutely most startlingly gorgeous theropods I had seen in fifty plus years of collecting. Truly Cool Dinosaurs!

In addition, their little lower jaws dropped, just like mine. The hinged jaw adds an "action figure" aspect and added realism to these great dinosaur figures.

Back in mid-October I had a very interesting experience with the Papo Parasaurolophus. Here is the relevant blog entry.

Cool Dinosaurs. Instant Collectibles. Great Toys.

Don't Want to Party with Papo? Go Here for More Cool Dinosaurs...

Over the last few years (there really only have been a few since 2005) PAPO has been adding several new cool Dinosaurs to their plastic paleontology on a regular basis.

Here's the List of Dinosaur Toys from PAPO:

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Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur ToysThe Allosaurus (2008) A Great Toy!

Papo Cavemen Dinosaur Toys Cavemen (2000)


papo Dinosaur Toys Oviraptor (2009)

papo Dinosaur ToysPachycephalosaurus (2005?)

Papo Dinosaur ToysPachyrhinosaurus (2009)

Papo Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys Parasaurolophus (2005)

Papo Dinosaur Toys Plesiosaurus (2010)

Papo Pteranodon Dinosaur ToysPteranodon (2006)

Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Spinosaurus (2007)

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys Stegosaurus (2005)

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Triceratops (2005)

Papo Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys Tyrannosaurus (2005)

Papo Velociraptor Dinosaur ToysVelociraptor (2005)

Papo Dinosaur Toys Velociraptor (2010)

Despite their French pedigree these dinosaur toys are all made in China.

Papo Dinosaur Toys Tyannosaurus Rex Allosaurus

Since discovering the Papo T-Rex and Velociraptor the company has come out with two more jaw-droppers. The Spinosaurus (also based on the JP movies, as are all their dinosaur figures except for) and the Allosaurus!! This PAPO Allosaur is the coolest dinosaur toy, ever, in my opinion. It is just beautifully done. I'll shut up now....

"Jaw-Dropping" Papo Carnivores

Papo Allosaurus Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys

PAPO makes Cool Dinosaurs!

If You Get Only One Toy Dinosaur in Your Life Get the Papo Allosaurus!

Papo Allosaurus Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur toys

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