The PAPO Allosaurus Leads a New Breed of Dinosaur Toys

The Papo Allosaurus Has Set a New Standard for Dinosaur Toys.

From the Bedroom

Papo Allosaurs Dinosaur toys

to the kitchen

Dinosaur Toys Papo Allosaurus

and out into the yard

Dinosaur Toys Papo Allosaurus

this Allosaur makes his, her and their presence felt.

Papo Allosaurs Dinosaur toys

If the PAPO Allosaurus isn't what you want maybe one of These Allosaurs will do....

Dinosaur Toys Papo AllosaurusYour Allosaurus weighs in at a five and a three-quarter ounces (5.75 oz), measures almost eleven inches (11") from nose to tail tip and stands just over four inches (4.+") tall. Quite the 1/40th scale predator.

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toy

His pose is very active with a full, very well balanced, stride. The arms are back and the beautiful head is thrust forward. A truly dynamic pose.

He is so well balanced, in fact, that he can maintain his balance in exercise class. Whether stepping up

Dinosaur Toys Papo Allosaur

Papo Allosaur Dinosaur Toysor stepping down,
he doesn't fall down.

He is also quite svelte, clearly watching his diet as this shot shows,

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur toys

and remains the ferocious Wolf of the Jurassic that he is.Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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Whether out hunting its prey

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

or just milling around in the restaurant lobby waiting for a table Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur Toys Papo Allosaurus

all work and no play makes for a hungry Allosaurus and here we find a trio leaving the MARX Buffet (Second Series).

The Papo Allosaurus is, as clearly seen in the accompanying photos, highly and finely detailed. Every square millimeter of this figure is a work of art from the claws on the hands and toes to the teeth in its mouth. All handpainted by some very near-sighted Chinese citizen for the Papo Corporation this is the closest you will come to a true museum quality toy dinosaur at a reasonable price.

In addition to being very well balanced, extremely detailed and naturally colored the Papo Allosaurus has two additional qualities that make it a great Dinosaur toy.

The first is the sculpt itself. It is different from every Allosaur toy that has come before it in that it has 'spikes' on its spine, on its neck, shoulders and the base of its tail. This is a bit of an aesthetic reach but a very pleasing one and adds to the character of this plastic creature immeasurably. This is truly an artistic and unique take on an old wolf.

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Mouth ShutThe other is the "Papo jaw." Following the Raptor, T-Rex and Spinosaurus (all based on the Jurassic Park movie critters) the Allosaur's lower jaw can open or close at the master's (your) whim.

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

This adds a lot of personality to what is already one of the most dynamic Dinosaur toys ever made.

He will go wherever you want him to and will stand pretty much wherever you place him. He also doesn't need batteries, has no mechanism(s) to break (apart from the very well made jaw) and is just a great toy. A true spark for the imagination.

The Papo Allosaurus will also set you back about $20.00 so while you might not get many I strongly suggest you get at least two. They are definitely worth it!

One of my top-five all-time-favorite Dinosaur Toys and my favorite Allosaur.

A minor Caveat (not Dick's progeny):

This, and all the PAPO carnivores, MAY not be suitable for very small children due to the movement of the lower jaw. It could potentially be ripped off and swallowed or otherwise discarded. I have never tried to remove the piece but it is something to consider. If you want this PAPO Allosaurus for your kiddo be aware of what he or she might have in mind for it. Know your child. That is all.

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Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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