The Second Series Mold Group Was Also the Last for Marx Toys.

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The Second Series Mold Group, PL-1083, was created only two years after the earlier, Revised Mold Group made its appearance, in 1961. This, however, was ALL NEW creatures with some very special additions, so the Cavemen wouldn't feel all alone. This mold group included three prehistoric mammals, the only ones made by Marx Toys.

The Second Series Mold Group shows the experience derived over the years and has some particularly well detailed and graceful sculptures. Like the previous mold group this also contained eight figures, bringing the total number of figures in the Marx prehistoric jungle to thirty (30), representing twenty-three (23) different extinct animals (the Pot Belly and Sleek Tyrannosaurus Rex are considered as different Dinosaurs in my mind).

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Marx Dinosaur Toys Iguanodon (1) The Iguanodon was one of the most ubiquitous of all of the Dinosaurs. It is found, in one form or another, some larger, some smaller, on every continent and so it is with the Marx Toys figure as well. This figure has highly detailed skin and an active, if not exciting, upright pose.

Marx Dinosaur Toys Mammoth

(2) The Wooly Mammoth was the first (alphabetically) of the extinct Mammals that Marx began producing in 1961. The hairy coat is well sculpted and the mighty tusks make this dinosaur toy a highly desirable member of any collection.

(3) The Marx Second Series Mold Group also introduced the Megatherium, or Giant Ground Sloth, to the panoply of prehistoric Mammals. A great action-pose fires the imagination and the beautifully detailed "coat" and claws lead the mind back to ice age when this now extinct mammal lived. The Megatherium mold was itself lost or broken in the late 1970s or early 1980s and this figure, alas, is as extinct as the original.

Marx Dinosaur Toys Megatherium

Marx Dinosaur Toys Smilodon

(4) The Smilodon was the third and last of the prehistoric mammals but certainly doesn't consider itself the least. Once again we have a well detailed fur coat and somewhat delicate appearing legs. For whatever reason the Smilodon seems to be one of those figures that found itself relegated to the Marx Dump somewhat more often than usual. This based upon my experience as a collector.

Marx Dinosaur Toys Moschops

(5) The Marx Moschops hails from the Permian Period and makes the Second Series Mold Group the record holder for millenia covered. He fits in with his Permian Period cohorts, the Dimetrodon and Sphenacodon, of the Small Mold Group more so than here, with the Ice-Age Trio.

Marx Dinosaur Toys Parasaurolophus

(6) The Parasaurolophus was another Hadrosaurid (like the Trachodon and Hadrosaur of the Medium Mold Group ) and the upright pose it is in here is in line with the thinking of the time. Today we know that it in fact had somewhat longer fore-legs and was capable of quadropedal locomotion.
(7) The Struthiomimus
is proof of the artistry of the Marx sculptors. It is the most delicate of all the Marx Dinosaur toy figures with its this legs and feet, delicate arms and forehands and sweet face. Due to its delicacy it was prone to miscasts and problems in cooling and I find this to be one of the two most numerous of my Dump-dinosaurs. None the less it is easily one of my favorites.

Marx Dinosaur Toys Struthiomimus

Marx Dinosaur Toys Styracosaurus

(8) Last but not least is the second Ceratopsian in the Marx Dinosaur toys lineup, the very fancy-frilled Styracosaurus. Its frill was also susceptible to problems in the casting process and it too is common among the dumpsters.

The Second Series Mold Group, PL-1083, in addition to its ground-breaking inclusion of the Prehistoric Mammals added immeasurably to the imaginative play a child (ME) could achieve. Unfortunately I was sixteen when these came out and at that point in time I was collecting more out of habit than a desire to play in my best friend's backyard. None the less these eight marvelous second series mold group figures and the other twenty-two that made up the Marx Dinosaur Toys Universe continued on until 1979 and the demise of the original Marx toys company.

Even after Marx went out of business these wonderful molds (less the Small Mold Group) have continued to bring joy and fire the dreams of children to this day.

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