Medium Mold Group Hadrosaur Allosaur

The Medium Mold Group provided a Nice Mix of Additional Dinosaurs for the Marxian World

The second grouping of figures, The Medium Mold Group PL-750, was also created in 1955, providing an additional predator (the Allosaur) and bringing the total number of Dinosaur toys to nine. The members of this mold are: (1) the rather staid appearing Allosaurus

Marx Dinosaur Toys Allosaurus,

(2) the adorable Ankylosaurus

Marx Dinosaur Toys Ankylosaurus,

(3) the sophisticated Hadrosaurus

Marx Dinosaur Toys Hadrosaurus,

(4) the high flying piscavore, Pteranodon

Marx Dinosaur Toys Pteranodon,

(5) the redoubtable Stegosaurus

Marx Dinosaur Toys Stegosaurus

and last but not least the subsequently re-named Trachodon

Marx Dinosaur Toys Trachodon....

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These six medium mold group Dinosaur figures added substantially to the overall Marx Toys mix. They provided the herd dinosaurs that served as food for the hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurs that prowled the carpets (for us city kids) and the backyards of those lucky enough to have them.

Available as individual figures a child could rifle through a "bin", basically a box, full of Dinosaur toy figures, picking from a limited array of colors but with an unlimited imagination. They generally sold at from ten to twenty-five cents, their prices stamped in ink on their little bodies.

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