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Theropods Make Great Dinosaur Toys... Grrrrr!

Nearly all the carnivorous Dinosaurs were Theropods. And almost all of the Theropods were carnivores.


As a family of Dinosaurs they stretch from the early Triassic Period to the very end of the Dinosaurs' reign in the Cretaceous period. From the little Coelophysis at one meter tall, nine feet long and 80 pounds in weight........

(JP.04 Coelophysis attacking a Carnegie Maiasaura)

Coelophysis Dinosaur Toys
to the enormous Giganotosaurus at 45 feet in length and seven tons.

Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys

(Carnegie Giganotosaurus attacking Carnegie Triceratops)

Giganotosaurus Dinosaur ToysThe class includes the Allosaurus, the Spinosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In addition there are the Oviraptors and the presumably vegetarian Therinzinosaurs. Quite a group! They were all bipedal and shared similarities in body shape and (except for the Ceratosaurus with four and the Tyrannosaurs with two) all had three claws on their "hands".

Whether ravaging the Jurassic movable feast

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toys
(Safari (opens new window) & Carnegie Dilophosaurs attack a baby Carnegie Apatosaurus [above] and [below] Carnegie Sinraptors assault a Carnegie Stegosaurus) Sinraptor Dinosaur Toys
or simply eating their way through to the bitter end and then
(a pack of Carnegie Deltadromeus take down a Carnegie Parasaurolophus)

Deltadromeus Dinosaur Toys
arguing over who has the rights to what's lying around. The Theropods were the apex predators wherever and whenever they were around.

Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Toys(Carnegie Acrocanthosaurus question the Deltadromeus over who eats)

If you want to learn more about the Theropods, check this out.

If, however, you are still interested in Theropod Dinosaur toys just keep reading....

From the Dilophosaurus, made famous by the original Jurassic Park movie

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toys to the very last of the Dinosaurs. Numerous Theropods are (currently) considered to have had feathers which has resulted

Feathered Dinosaur Toys
in some extremely colorful Dinosaur toys.

Feathered Dinosaur Toys
Unfortunately these "feathered friends" tended to be rather small and as a result they have been made in a much larger scale (1/4 to 1/20) than are most Dinosaur toys (1/30-1/40). The Carnegie Microraptor (second from right) for instance is ~1/4 scale.

The Theropods List of Dinosaurs

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Bullyland Giganotosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Bullyland, Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Giganotosaurus

Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Bullyland Velociraptor (2007)

Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Acrocanthosaurus (2001)

Baryonx Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Baryonyx (1997)

Beipiaosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Beipiaosaurus (2005)

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Carnotaurus (1996)

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Carnotaurus (2011)

Caudipteryx Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Caudipteryx (2005)

Cryolophosaurus, carnegie Cryolophosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Cryolophosaurus (2010)

Carnegie Deinosuchus Dinosaur Toys Deinosuchus (1995) Not a Theropod, just a carnivore.

Dilong Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Dilong (2005)

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Dilophosaurus (1993)

Deltadromeus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Deltadromeus (1997)

Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Giganotosaurus (2007)

Microraptor Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Microraptor (2005)

Oviraptor Dinosaur Toys Carnegie Oviraptor (2004-06)

Sinraptor Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Sinraptor (2003)

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur ToysChap Mei Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur ToysChina Trademark Dilophosaurus (1999)

Carnotaurus Dinosaur ToysDisney Carnotaurus (2000)

Baryonyx Dinosaur ToysInvicta Baryonyx (1989)

Megalosaurus Dinosaur Toys Invicta Megalosaurus (1974)

JP.02, Jurassic Park, Dilophosaurus, Spitter, Dinosaur Toys Jurassic Park JP.02 (Kenner) Dilophosaurus "Spitter" (1993)

Coelophysis Dinosaur ToysJurassic Park-Kenner JP.04 Coelophysis (1993)

Dinosaur Toys Kenner Jurassic Park JP.11 Dilophosaurus (1993)

Marx Struthiomimus Dinosaur Toys MARX Struthiomimus (1961)

MPC Struthiomimus Dinosaur Toys MPC Struthiomimus

Ceratosaurus Dinosaur ToysSafari Ceratosaurus (1996)

Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Toys Safari Dilophosaurus (2008)

Theropods Dinosaur Toys Safari Dino-Discoveries Oviraptor on Nest (2007)

Beipiaosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The Beipiaosaurus (Above) was a feathered Therinzinosauroidea Theropod with a beak, teeth, feathers and long claws. It was probably/possibly a vegetarian but I wouldn't trust it near my hot dog. It was about seven feet in length making it one of the larger of the feathered Dinosaurs.

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Toys

Two Carnotaurus (Carnegie) here seen attacking a (Safari) Styracosaurus (both from 1996) demonstrating that hungry Theropods will try to eat meals with built-in forks. They say it tastes like lobster. Mmmmm....

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Theropods Dinosaur Toys

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