Dilong Dinosaur toys

The Carnegie Collection Dilong paradoxus Dinosaur Toys

The Dilong: "Emperor Dragon Paradox"

(Picture courtesy of http://www.crystalinks.com/chinadragons.html)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

In 2004 a brand new very old Dinosaur was discovered in China. A small (five feet in length, ten to twenty-five pounds) and finely feathered Tyrannosaurid that is an ancestor of the great Tyrannosaurus Rex (see Raptorex blog archive) with a twist. Sheathed in a coat of fine feathers this long-armed and three-fingered Theropod/Tyrannosaurid bore little resemblance to its much more famous descendant- Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

"Thanks for the ancestry there little guy."

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Weighing in at three-quarters of an ounce (.75 oz, 20 gms) and measuring just over six and a quarter inches (6.3 inches, 16 cms) these Carnegie Collection Dilong Dinosaur toys by Safari Ltd. (opens new window). By the way, thank you Safari for supplying the Dilong figures used for this page. These light-weight Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur toys are approximately 1/10 scale. Being in this larger scale (most Dinosaur toys today are in 1/30-1/40 scale) makes their predatoy behavior much broader in scale than it might have been. (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

"You guys are still a bit small to mess with me."

"But we're not too small to mess with you!" (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Introduced in 2005 the Carnegie Dilong is a very nicely sculpted Dinosaur toys figure produced in bright, contrasting colors- a gray & white body, black paws and claws and a multi-colored head (One inch in length from the back of the crest to the snout!) with golden eyes.

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

The feet are finely sculpted (Below- left foot, right foot) as are the forepaw

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

claws (Below- both and left foreclaw). As can be readily seen both the toes and the "fingers" are finely sculpted and well detailed. It seems that as molding techniques improve they are being used to create finer detail workDilong Dinosaur Toys

Dilong Dinosaur Toys on the peripheral areas of the Dinosaur toys. Lookin' Good!

(Below- The Three Dilong -sketeers and their name-sake running past one of the apartment buildings in Dino-Town.)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

The Dilong's (opens new window) name means Emperor Dragon. The Chinese use the suffix -long (Dragon) in naming Dinosaurs just as Western science uses "-saurus" (reptile). Dragons courtesy of Safari Ltd. (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

The Carnegie Dilong figure is sculpted with a fine, "scooping" kind of surface texture to simulate the feathers that covered it in life. This hasDilong Dinosaur ToysDilong Dinosaur Toyscreated a slightly 'ragged' or ocean-foam look, especially along the throat and tail which has resulted in a very life-like look. (Face to face, Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

The tail is quite pretty, (Below) repeating the color theme of the head.

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

(Above) Very sleek-looking with a "lean and hungry look" three Carnegie Dilong Dinosaur toys contemplate- ?????

Dilong Dinosaur Toys Dilong Dinosaur ToysDilong Dinosaur Toys

(Above)"This stuff is yucky!"

(Left) A head-on view of the Carnegie Collection Dilong face. A lot of information in just five-sixteenths of an inch.

A Dilong Dinosaur Toys Adventure

Beginning their hunt by scouring the "bedlands" for prey (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys they come upon a designated-prey Goat in a nearby jungle (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toysbut find themselves in a major altercation after their successful hunt (Below)

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

"We killed it, we'll eat it!"

"We're bigger. We'll take it."

"Oh yeah?"..."Yeah"..."You say"..."Yeah"..."Oh Yeah?"..."Yeah"....

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

"Baah, baah, blah, blah, blah...I'm outta here!"

Dilong Dinosaur Toys

Introduced in 2005 and remaining in production through 2010 this little Dilong has quite a way to go to reach the several million years it's namesake roamed the hills and dales of what is now China. Safari Ltd. (in their position as manufacturer of the Carnegie Collection) was very fast off the mark in creating this newly discovered (2004) Tyrannosaurid. Perhaps it has something to do with both the Dilong and the Dinosaur toys being made in China?

A desultory look over the internet finds these selling for from $2.99 (ebay) to $7.95 (elsewhere) and I have seen them in 'ye olde bricke & mortar' establishments as well.

Dilong Dinosaur ToysDilong Dinosaur Toys

While the Dilong was bipedal these come in a tripod stance, using two feet and the right-arm for support. Now, ideally, this would not be my chosen "sculpt", but in this case I find it quite acceptable because the figure can be posed in a variety ways using rocks, shrubbery, etc. as well as my computer keyboard (Above).

Once again we are confronted with the question of toxicty and these come with the Euro-Union seal of healthy housekeeping, the by now ubiquitous "CE" and safari warrants their products to be pthalate (whatever they are) free as well.

These can be a fun addition to your Dinosaur toys collection. Personally I never have enough "predatoys" and a couple of these make a nice change from Tyrannosaurus Rex or Allosaurus in stalking a designated prey animal. Dino-babe, at 14 months, loved her supervised playtime with one although she did throw it over when a snack was offered. I like them too.

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Dilong Dinosaur Toys

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