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Rexford Meets Raptorex, and So Do You: January 2, 2010

(A popular blog entry for some reason.)

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"Raptorex" was barely nine feet long and its discovery (in China) has turned modern paleontology on its ear. Nearly all the Tyrannosaurids have been found in North America but this early progenitor of the massive T-Rex existed approximately 60 million years earlier and was separated by half a planet. It took quite the hike (although he had plenty of time) before he made his fortune after emigrating to America.

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

Rexford and a little buddy recreate this stupendous discovery.

Meanwhile we've gotten our pictures for the Safari Styracosaurus page all in a row and we'll be ready to do their page on the morrow. Happy morrow.

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"Great pics guys.... You'll knock 'em dead."

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Try Ceratops: January 5, 2010

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

Not every Ceratopsian is a Triceratops and this page was created to introduce the world of the "other" Ceratops Dinosaur toys to everyone. We also discovered some very interesting other Ceratopsians such as the Einiosaurus and Chasmosaurus (pictures Below) from The Dinosaur Studio. (link opens new window) A pair of "Tops" that no one has translated into toys as yet.

Raptorex Einiosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Einiosaurus procurvicornus originally sculpted by G. Wenzel

Raptorex Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Chasmosaurus mariscalensis pair sculpted by Dan LoRusso

No one is absolutely sure as to the reason these creatures developed their their fabulous frills and elaborate heads. Perhaps for a certain level of defense against predators (they were contemporaries of the T-Rex) or, and this seems to be the consensus (and we know what that's all about) of modern paleontological thought, they were used for display in mating and in battling among themselves for primacy in the herd.

Rexford particularly likes Styracosaurs....

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"Styracosaurs are my favorite Dinosaur..."

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"...because they come with their own toothpicks!"

Tomorrow? There's a lot more to come. And to all a Good Night.

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Redecorating "This Old Dinosaur" and Something;s Fishy: January 6, 2010

Today we completed a "links" page. One page where we have centralized links that can be found in other places but that you may have either overlooked or forgotten. Why would we bother? Because we are here for you and believe that each of these links has something to offer in expanding your enjoyment of Dinosaur toys collecting.

Today we received (from Safari) the repaint of the great 1993 Safari Ltd. Velociraptor and it is even better than it looked on television (the computer screen). Instead of the tiger-striped base-yellow this is in browns; broad darker and lighter bands with a gray underside. This new coloration has really brought out the detailing of the skin, the creases and folds standing out much more clearly than on the original.

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

They are identical apart from the color makeover.

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

This new paint job has breathed new life into one of the best Dinosaur toys figures from the 1990s. Heck. I may not even "bob" their tails....

Rexford was out looking for a new pet today.

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"Here little fishie, here tasty little fishie...."


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Rexford the Intellectual: January 7, 2010

Meanwhile Rexford continues in a slightly more intellectual mode....

Raptorex Dinosaur Toys

"Hey! Everything looks really weird!!"

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