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Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The Ankylosaurus

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The MARX Ankylosaurus (1955) was the first attempt at presenting this marvelous Dinosaur to the world of toys. A member of their series of Dinosaur toys the Ankylosaur was a seemingly simple creature to reproduce.MARX Ankylosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur ToysAnkylosaurus T-Rex Dinosaur Toys Built like a turtle with stumps for legs, the Marx model does not recreate the longer rear legs as on the original. It does however convey the essence of the animal which was a heavily armored body, almost impossible to bite through (see the sleek T-Rex doing his best), combined with a devastating club at the end of an armored tail which could be swung with enough force to break a predator's leg. An adult Ankylosaurus, thirty-feet (30') long and weighing six-and-a-half tons, yet standing only six feet tall... the Ankylosaurus was nobodies bowl of noodles.

Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys
In 1959 Marx produced a second, similar Ankylosaur and then, in 1974 Invicta came out with a very nice Scelidosaurus, an early Ankylosaur.

Carnegie Ankylosaurus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys
Then, in 1988 Safari, Ltd. came out with their Euoplocephalus for The Carnegie Collection. This was taken out of production in 1997 and a new Ankylosaur came out in 2004. New or old the only Dinosaur toys that could consider one a meal was the T-Rex, and even he had to be very careful.

The Ank's armored back consisted of thick, bony growths, called scutes, that were most likely covered in keratin (like a lobster). Additionally, its sides were lined with horny projections which made it very painful to try to flip over to get at its soft underbelly. This was a giant M&M that simply didn't melt anywhere, and fought back.
Ankylosaurus Dinosaur ToysAnkylosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Here are three "China Trademark" Ankylosaurs from 1998-99 & 2000, battling a Chap-Mei T-Rex. The interesting thing about the top photo is that one is about twice the size of the other three, but the sculpt is just the same, down to the paint colors.

The Ankylosaur can be one of the very best of the generic China-Trademark Dinosaur toys!

Ankylosaurus Saichania Dinosaur ToysAlso in 1997 Schleich came out with their own Ankylosaur, the Saichania ("beautiful one"), seen here battling a PAPO Tyrannosaurus Rex. As can be seen in both the Carnegie Ank and in this Schleich example the Ankylosaur has gone from a benign, slow-moving, slow-witted stationery stooge to a much more active and dynamic creature, with a personality to fit. Disney Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The year 2000 saw the opening of the Disney movie "Dinosaur" and several new Dinosaur toys, including their own entry into the Ankylosaur field. (here seen ignoring a Carnotaurus from the same movie) This was a hard plastic version which also has some battery operations. I have no idea what they may be as I rescued this one from a beach where it was partially buried in the sand, its electronics rusted out. The legs move as does the head and mouth (slightly) and the tail section is a more mobile rubber. For whacking obnoxious Carnotaurii, no doubt.

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Bullyland Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys Bullyland

Carnegie Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnegie (2004)

Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys China Trademark Ankylosaurs

Disney Ankylosaur Dinosaur Toys Disney (2001)

Invicta Scelidosaurus Dinosaur Toys Invicta Scelidosaurus (1974)

Marx Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys MARX (1955 & 59)

MPC Ankylosaur Dinosaur Toys MPC Ankylosaur (1964)

Schleich Saichania Dinosaur Toys Schleich Saichania (1997)

The Ankylosaurus was one of the last of the Dinosaurs. It lived in the Cretaceous period and was a contemporary of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and the Hadrosaurs, among others.

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Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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