Schleich Dinosaur Toys & Prehistoric Mammals Are Among the Best Today.

These Are All the Schleich Dinosaurs I Have at This Time

Schleich Dinosaur Toys

Schleich prehistoric Mammals and Dinosaur toys are produced by the German Company of the same name, founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich. While most of their sales are still in Europe they are expanding into the United States and their Dinosaur Toys can be found in better retail stores and on eBay. Prices range from ~$4.00 to $20.00+, depending on the particular Dinosaur toys or prehistoric mammals.

These extinct animals are brought to life by Schleich and come in many different kinds of Dinosaurs and mammals. I currently have only five of each and do plan on augmenting my herd.

They tend to be done in earth tones and their detail is excellent. Skin, scales and fur are done extremely well and the painting is superb. My oldest figure, the Torosaur, I have had for ten years and he shows no wear despite spending nearly all that time in a box rubbing up against other rubber types of Dinosaurs.

A cute addition is that many of these extinct Schleich animals come with a small, hard plastic figure of a boy as a size gauge for the dinosaurs themselves and an information booklet in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish & Italian) about the particular Dinosaur toys.

Schleich Dinosaur Toys

An exhaustive list of Dinosaurs (and prehistoric mammals) made by Schleich is really un-necessary as I cannot show you what I do not, as yet, have. I do welcome offers of loans and contributions to the site, in the form of Dinosaur toys. Thank You.

Schleich makes these creatures in at least two groupings in different scales. The larger and more expensive are 1/40 scale. The smaller are, well, smaller and not quite as well detailed. The ones I have collected happen to be the larger sized ones. These are very, very nice as you can see when clicking on the individual prehistoric animal pages.

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List of Schleich Dinosaur Toys

Schleich Dinosaur Toys

Schleich Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Schleich Allosaurus (2001)

Schleich Anhanguera Dinosaur Toys Schleich Anhanguera (2005)

Prehistoric mammals Dinosaur ToysSchleich Plateosaurus (1999)

Schleich Saichania Dinosaur Toys Schleich Saichania (1997)

Schleich Torosaurus Dinosaur Toys Schleich Torosaurus (1999)

Schleich Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Schleich Triceratops (2002)

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dinosaur Toys Schleich Tyrannosaurus (2002)

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys Schleich Tyrannosaurus (2004)

Now For the Prehistoric Mammals List

Schleich Mammals Dinosaur Toys

Schleich Glyptodon Dinosaur Toys Schleich Glyptodon (2002)

Schleich Machrauchenia Dinosaur Toys Schleich Machrauchenia (2002)

Schleich Megatherium Dinosaur Toys Schleich Megatherium (2002)

Schleich Smilodon Dinosaur Toys Schleich Smilodon (2002)

Schleich Ursus Spelaeus Schleich Ursus Spelaeus (Cave Bear- 2002)

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Schleich Dinosaur Toys

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