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The Carnegie Dinosaurs Collection is the Most Extensive Today

The Carnegie Dinosaurs


The Carnegie Collection first made the Dino-scene in 1988. Up until then Invicta's British Museum collection had been the only high quality Dinosaur toys available to the public. In that year The Carnegie Museum of Natural History collaborated with Safari Ltd to produce the Carnegie Dinosaurs Collection (opens new window) of Dinosaur toys. It quickly became the finest collection of Dinosaur toys in the world and is currently the broadest and most extensive.

The first to produce Dinosaur toys in bright colors Safari, Ltd. set a standard that the world is working to live up to. These are available new in retail stores and on the internet with prices ranging from ~$5.00 to $30.00+ (but not plus much).

They are made of rubber and are great toys in that they are quite tough and resilient. Many of the bipedal Dinosaurs are very well balanced and stand on their two-feet without the tail as a support, only as a balance. The paint is subject to wear but easily touched up should you actually care to.

Safari is continuously improving and upgrading the Carnegie Dinosaurs line as time passes and the current crop combine bright (reptile-like) colors, exciting poses and realistic detail. The Carnegie Collection is the biggest single Dinosaur toys collection produced today. They are (almost) all in 1/40 scale so they can play well with each other. This scale is also close to (or the same as) most every other Dinosaur toys line.

List of Carnegie Collection Dinosaurs

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Carnegie Acrocanthrosaurus Dinosaur Toys Acrocanthrosaurus (2001)

Carnegie Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys Allosaurus (1995 & 2007)

Carnegie Albertosaurus Dinosaur Toys Albertosaurus (2003)

Sauropods Dinosaur Toys Amargasaurus (2006)

Carnegie Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Toys Ankylosaurus (2004)

Carnegie Apatosaurus Dinosaur Toys Apatosaurus Adult & Baby (1988 & 1996)

Carnegie Baronyx Dinosaur ToysBaronyx (1997)

Carnegie Beipiaosaurus Dinosaur ToysBeipiaosaurus (2005)

Carnegie Brachiosaurus inosaur Toys Brachiosaurus (1988/2006)

Carnegie Camarasaurus Dinosaur ToysCamarasaurus (2001)

Carnegie Carnotaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnotaurus (1996)

Carnotaurus Dinosaur Toys Carnotaurus (2011)

Carnegie Caudipteryx Dinosaur ToysCaudipteryx (2005)

Carnegie Cryolophosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Cryolophosaurus (2010)

Carnegie Deinosuchus Dinosaur Toys Deinosuchus (1995)

Carnegie Deltadromeus Dinosaur Toys Deltadromeus (1997)

Carnegie Dilong Dinosaur Toys(The only Dinosaur toys) Dilong (2005)

Carnegie Dilophosaurus Dinosaur ToysDilophosaurus (2) (1993)

Carnegie Dimetrodon Dinosaur Toys Dimetrodon (2001)

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Diplodocus (2006)

Carnegie Elasmosaurus Dinosaur ToysElasmosaurus (1998)

Carnegie Giganotosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Giganotosaurus (2007)

Carnegie Icthyosaurus, Dinosaur Toys Icthyosaurus (2010)

Carnegie Iguanodon, Dinosaur Toys Iguanodon (1992)

Carnegie Kronosaurus Dinosaur Toys Kronosaurus (1996)

Carnegie Maiasaura Dinosaur ToysMaisaura (1995)

Carnegie Woolly Mammoth Dinosaur ToysWoolly Mammoth (2002)

Carnegie Microraptor Dinosaur ToysMicroraptor (2005)

Carnegie Mosasaurus Dinosaur Toys Mosasaurus (1990- Carnegie)

Carnegie Oviraptor Dinosaur Toys Oviraptor (2004-06)

Carnegie Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Toys Parasaurolophus (1988, a version of this with improved detail came out in the 90s w the same copyright date)

Carnegie Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Plateosaurus (1994/96)

Carnegie Quetzalcoatlus Dinosaur Toys Quetzalcoatlus (1997)

Carnegie Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toys Saltasaurus (1996)

Carnegie Sinraptor Dinosaur Toys Sinraptor (2003)

Carnegie Smilodon Dinosaur Toys Smilodon (1988)

Carnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Spinosaurus (1992-96)

Carnegie Spinosaurus Dinosaur Toys Spinosaurus (2008)

Carnegie-Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys Stegosaurus (1988, there was a second, more finely detailed version as well, that came out in the mid 90s but retained the earlier date.)

Carnegie Tanystropheus Dinosaur Toys Tanystropheus (1999)

Carnegie Triceratops Dinosaur Toys Triceratops (1988-96-07) (1999)

Carnegie Tylosaurus Dinosaur ToysTylosaurus (2008)

Carnegie Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toys Tyrannosaurus Rex (1988) & Tenth Anniversary (1998)

Carnegie Velociraptor Dinosaur Toys Velociraptor (2002/06)

I love to collect Dinosaur toys.

Keep Your Eyes On The Carnegie Dinosaur Collection- It Keeps Evolving

Carnegie Dinosaur Toys

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