Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

The Carnegie Diplodocus is the Best in the Retail Market

You could have knocked me over with its tail when I saw the new Carnegie Diplodocus. It is HUGE! You can see how it absolutely dwarfs the two inch (2") ME in the opening photo.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Weiging in (here at her weight-watchers meeting) at one and three-quarter pounds (1.75 lbs) and measuring twenty-seven inches long this is a very svelte and accurate 1/40 scale model of this magnificent Sauropod.
Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Extremely well detailed from head to tail, and in quite an active and dynamic pose, I have three of these and each is just a little different from each of the others. And they came that way. Each is an individual. I like that.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Getting up and heading down the hall in the morning inevitably attracts Safari, Ltd.'s 1996 Allosaurus.
Who first stalk, and then harass our still sleepy Sauropods. Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Unfortunately for our predatory punks the Carnegie Diplodocus has limited patience and its "talk to the tail" takes its toll....
Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
One always wonders what extinct and plastsurrected Dinosaur toys prefer to eat for breakfast. Here we see our hungry Carnegie Diplodocus herd converging on a meadow full of macaroons (that makes them healthy cookies) and they prepare to stop watching their weight and start chowing down. Finishing up and setting off again they are this time accosted

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys by a roving pack of Safari, Ltd. (2007) Allosaurus who harass and harry our Carnegie Diplodocus... proving there is no such thing as a free lunch, or breakfast for that matter.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysAmong the carnivorous Dinosaurs that predated the Diplodocus was the Ceratosaurus. Smaller than the Allosaurus this twenty foot long predator knows when being a pal is smarter than trying to be a predator and is shown hanging out in the local park with his big buddy. But where is that hot-dog vendor anyway?

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysAfter that pleasant interlude, heading outside doesn't really improve either the attitude or the atmosphere. Allosaurs abound and are always after another bite.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Effectively making our Carnegie Diplodocus run out into the street which is not a very smart thing to do. Bad, bad Allosaurs!!

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this really beautiful Carnegie Diplodocus is that it is almost too big to play with inside. My usual stage is just too small and I was literally forced out into the living room and even then I had to take much longer shots than usual to get the entire figure(s) into the frame. Even when considering the curl of the tail it is still ~twenty-three inches long.

The Carnegie Diplodocus is currently in production and available in retail stores that carry it (obviously) and on the internet. It goes (!sticker-shock warning!) for $34.99 which is pretty firm across the board. I found a two-fer on Amazon for $46.00 but shipping is an outrageous $21.00. Not quite a bargain after all.

It is really beautifully detailed both in sculpture and color

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysCarnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys and includes such interesting details as "scutes" (hard, bony growths) under the skin and the large claws on the insides of the front feet. At present there is disagreement in the plaeontological community over the purpose of these claws. I can think of several myself. The 'scutes' would serve as added protection, like a chain mail, beneath the skin.
For those who may plan on dining on one of these they are non-toxic (if a bit indigestible) and appear, perhaps, even tasty (especially if you are a toy Theropod). Safari Ltd. warrants these to be pthalate-free (whatever pthalates are) and recommends that they be given to children over the age of three. If you are willing to give children such a beautiful Dinosaur toy at all. My children would have to spirit mine away in the dead of night.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysOn the way home they are once more accosted, this time by Carnegie Sinraptors, small (no more than 25 feet long) Theropods who would just love to make several dozen meals out of our star Diplodocus.

Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
That whip-like tail, however, serves well and the Sinraptors are put off their feed. This Carnegie Diplodocus achieves the level of being one of the Great Dinosaur toys. And it is a survivor in the Dinosaur toys jungle.Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys I think that we can expect this model to remain in production for quite a while. It is far and away the best Diplodocus available today and there is no reason to expect a better one (unless price is your only consideration) to appear anytime soon. I suppose that its status as a "collectible" will depend upon its production numbers but it is definitely worth collecting right now for any real Dinosaur toys fan or aficionado. It is tough and capable of standing up to normal play both indoors and out.
I have been collecting Dinosaur toys for fifty-plus years. Prior to this my Invicta Diplodocus were my favorite (and only) Diplodocii. They are facing eBay now.
I would like to thank Safari, Ltd. (opens new window)

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Carnegie Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

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