Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

PAPO: Dinosaurs-Triceratops Punches Your Ticket

I would like to give a very special thank you to Hotaling Imports for making this Papo Dinosaurs-Triceratops page possible.

The Papo Triceratops- Coming at-ya...

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur ToysOf all the herbivorous Dinosaurs Triceratops horridus may have been the most daunting. It wasn't the biggest but with its huge armored head, great frill and three horns it would have been terrifying to see coming at you. Powered by up to thirteen tons of muscle and thirty feet long this was one powerful fellow. Papo has created a beautiful little replica of this mighty beast and I am glad to be able to present him to you.

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur ToysWeighing in at fourteen and one half ounces (14.5 oz) and measuring ~eleven inches (11") from tail tip to nose-beak the Papo Triceratops is a hefty and good sized model of the original. He is made of a (relatively) soft rubber so he is neither breakable nor dangerous. His sharp points aren't that sharp. You can find him (and other PAPO products by contacting Hotaling Imports (see above) to find a retailer near you. I strongly recommend adopting one.

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

So What's a Triceratops To Do?

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

(Triceratops at Dawn)
Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

After checking on the territory you come inside but "Where's the coffee?" Dinosaurs Triceratops or not, need their coffee to start the day right!! This is no way to start the day.

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

Even if you have some chewy macaroons to go with it, ya gotta have the "it" that they go with. Dinosaurs-Triceratops included- aren't allowed to use electricity. So it's outside he goes to make some on his own....

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys
After which it's a long day of defending himself, his coffee and his territory against all comers....

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

Against the old...

and the young...Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

and the many...Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

...and the few.Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys ___________________________________________________________

And especially those who are entirely unexpected....

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

PAPO Triceratops miss the point? Try these T-Tops...

So whether it is hanging out in the high grass

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toysor heading home for the evening

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys...

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All in all ...the Papo Dinosaurs-Triceratops is currently the finest, best detailed and most life-like of the Triceratops Dinosaur toys available today. When you think of Dinosaurs Triceratops thy name is Papo.

Papo Triceratops Dinosaur Toys

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