Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toy

The Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toy is Absolutely Beautiful

The Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur toys came out in 2005 and set a new standard for Stegosaurs around the world.

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papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

This wonderful, hefty at ten and five-eighth ounces (10&5/8 oz) and a lengthy ten inches (10"), Stegosaurus will satisfy any child or adult with its detail and realism. It is made of soft rubber (those spikes won't hurt you or your child) and sells for $11-$16.00, depending on the source. You can go to Hotaling Imports (see above link) to find a retailer near you.

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

As you can see- those nasty looking spikes are soft enough to use as a hammock.. Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys. and the detail on the "plates" on its back is exquisite.

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys Here you can see the detail in the expressive head.>Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys And get an excellent view of the last sight that Stego-food ever sees....< Of at least passing interest is the lack of nostrils. Good thing this is a toy, eh? Otherwise he'd be wheezing a lot.

The Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur at Home

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Breakfast consists of some tomato and onion,Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur ToysAnd then it's time for a work-out...

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Including aerobics (with a watcher...) and a post work-out snack.

"I'm King of the Orange!!"

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Then it's Time to go Outside

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur ToysHanging out with friends what's a Stegosaur to do?

Certainly wandering off has its own dangers Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

And if he finds himself in a "bad neighborhood"

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys
And making a call
can result in trouble

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys
and "talk to the tail" must be taken literally...

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

while safety becomes relative because you never know who, what or even when will pop out of the bushes...

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys
It all just makes one want to browse.

Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur toys are quite capable of getting into and out of all kinds of trouble. They are very well made out of a soft rubber(?) and are excellent Dinosaur toys on any level you care to consider. Being effectively non-toxic they are for all ages, although I think they really are meant for slightly older children- they can be chewed to pieces. On the other hand they are quite tough and will stand up to most any amount of hard play and predation.

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Papo Stegosaurus Dinosaur Toys

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