Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

I Liked The Bullyland Allosaurus So Much I Bought a Six-Pack.


The Bullyland Allosaurus: One of my favorite Allosaurs

The Bullyland Allosaurus is made in Germany and comes individually handpainted but, interestingly enough, without a date so I do not know when this was first produced. I do know that it is one of the best renderings of an Allosaurus fragilis available on the retail Dinosaur Toy market today.

Bullyland Allosaurus Weigh InThis Allosaur is done in 1/30 scale, weighs in at 5&5/8 ounces and is ~12" in length while standing 4" tall. He is made of a comparatively soft but durable white rubber although his "hand painted" coat is vulnerable to wearing off to the bright-white undercoat.

He can also be found in both lighter...

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toys

...and darker...

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toys


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Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

The detail on these Allosaurs is excellent and the hand painting is extremely well done.Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys The skin scales and the way the teeth are outlined in bas relief lends a realistic and lifelike aspect to the Allosaurs. By the same token they are very well balanced in their natural bipedal stance.

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toysWhether preparing to go on a hunt and carefully surveying the territory

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toys

or discussing the best means of attack....

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toys
So whether you find yourself hunted by or hunting with a pack of these Allosaurs Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur toys coming out of the high-grass you don't necessarily want to see this face staring at you eye-to-eye.Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

To conclude then The Bullyland Allosaur is a very realistic and very play-withable Dinosaur Toy. Given the full grown Allosaur size of 30-40 feet this guy scales in at ~30 feet and its real will fit in with most all other contemporary dinosaur toys. In absolute size this is larger and thicker than the Papo Allosaurus, for instance, but will work and play well with one... if you so desire.

Male Papo Allosaurus invites female Bullyland Allosaurus on a picnic.

Bullyland Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Papo Bullyland Allosaurs Dinosaur Toys

She accepts and they are off....

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

It doesn't really matter which way you're heading if you are heading out to get a Bullyland Allosaurus!

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

(or several)

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Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

As you can see from my little six-pack, thanks to individual hand painting each Bullyland Allosaurus is a little different from every other one. Six unique individuals.

Bullyland Allosaurus Dinosaur Toys

If the Bullyland Allosaurus strikes you as being as desirable as it is to me you might be interested in other Bullyland Dinosaur toys. These are currently in production and available online and at quality brick & mortar retailers. Online I have found these for from $13-$20.00. They are warranted to be non-toxic (I wouldn't set one on fire and breathe the fumes) for any normal use and are suggested for people over the age of three or so. They can be chewed-up so I wouldn't be giving one to anyone who is into teething. They are great Allosaurs and a valuable addition to any collection.

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