Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

The Invicta Diplodocus Migrates Through Dinosaur Toys History

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysInvicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the Invicta Diplodocus. These have chosen Oatmeal and who's to tell them "no"?
Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysWeighing in at nine and five-eighth ounces (9.625 oz, 274 gms) the long and lean Invicta Diplodocus measures twenty-two inches (22", 56cm) in length. First issued in 1974 these have been out of production for several years but they were the best (most detailed and realistic looking) for three decades, until the Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

advent of the Carnegie Diplodocus in 2006. These were molded in a moderately brittle monochrome gray plastic and when Safari, Ltd. launched their colorful Carnegie Collection in 1988-89 Invicta countered by painting their Dinosaurs as well. (above, Picture courtesy of Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs).

In their time, not all that long ago, these were considered as "museum quality" and certified by the British Museum of Natural History as accurate.

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysInvicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Even today they should be considered as quite excellent replicas despite a few glaring errors in accuracy. The biggest error being in the feet. As can be seen on the Carnegie version there is a very large claw on the inside of the front feet. Its use is unknown (although it can be guessed at) and it is missing on the Invicta model (right). The Invicta's tail dragging pose is an even more obvious and glaring inaccuracy.

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

The Invicta Diplodocus, like its namesake, lives and travels in herds which

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys(here being eyed by a pack of Invicta Megalosaurs)
this herbivore needed to do for its own protection. There were always predators watching. All a single Tyrannosaurus could really, safely, do was

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
nothing more than watch them go by. Their tails, which made up half their total length of 115 feet or so (making these 1/63 scale, not the advertised 1/45), were formidable weapons and could break a predators leg when wielded at speed.Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

It would take a pack of carnivores (here played by Safari Tyrannosaurs from 1996) to watch for the old, weak and injured; carefully separating them from the herd and then launching a coordinated attack on the still very large and Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

dangerous walking buffet. Once one had been chosen the rest of the menu would continue on its way unmolested, the herd a little bit stronger despite the loss.
As it was is as it will always be.

The body style of the Invicta Diplodocus is reminiscent of the Marx Brontosaurus, "the" sauropod toy for the preceeding nineteen (19) years. (below)

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
The similarities are glaring. In fact the feet positions are the same as all the sauropod Dinosaur toys that I have seen apart from the newest Carnegie Collection Diplodocus.
Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysDinosaur ToysThe detail of the head and face on this model are excellent. The Invicta models lend themselves to revision and careful painting on your part can result in a unique and highly personalized figure. (Carnegie on far right)

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
The detail work on these is superb throughout. You can almost see the muscles rippling beneath the skin as it conforms to the movement of the great beast. The skin folds and forms pockets along the hips, shoulders rib cage and legs as it is compressed and stretched. The movement is captured beautifully in this really wonderful, active, non-action figure, Dinosaur toy.

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur ToysQ: Why did the Invicta Diplodocus cross the road?
But before we get the answer to that question (bottom of page) there are some others to be answered.

The Invicta Diplodocus, as previously noted, has been out of production for several years, and therefore these are no longer available, new, on the retail market. If you want one, and if you don't have one you should, you will have to find it in the previously owned marketplace. I think that they are heading towards being collectibles as soon as a few more of them get broken.Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys Their tails are particularly prone to the last six inches or so breaking off, right where it begins to narrow down. Two of my herd have been so injured. I suspect this has come about as the result of shipping and being stuffed into too short a box as part of the Dinosaur toys slave trade. Another has had its tail bent, at the same general point, at a ninety degree angle to the left. That is actually pretty good looking. These do seem to be fairly common (moreso than the Invicta Apatosaurus or Mamenchisaurus, for example) and I would say their current base price is around $10.00 and up. I have seen only two on eBay(UK) recently and they ranged in auction price from (USD) $1.66 to $19.92. Either of these prices would be fair. I'd prefer the lower though.

In my experience these do not get chewed on as often as, say, the Marx Brontosaurus- possibly their very size intimidates potential predators much as it did one hundred million years (or so) ago.

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Oh yes. Why did the Invicta Diplodocus cross the road?

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys
A: To get away from those guys!!

Invicta Diplodocus Dinosaur Toys

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