Carnivorous Dinosaurs aren't First-Line Houseguests

When Carnivorous Dinosaurs Come to Dinner

Tasty Plate and a Rival Appears: November 23, 2009

Dinosaur Toys

Yesterday Rexford was invited to a family Thanksgiving get together. He was certainly pleased at the invitation and, initially at least, was on his best behavior. The hors d'ouevres plate was tempting and then he went and sat down at the table. Tyrannosaurs, however, aren't terribly good at waiting, especially when they know that foods about. And so the hunt begins....

Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys

Where's the Beef?"

"It's ALL mine!!" (below) "This is acceptable."
Dinosaur ToysDinosaur Toys
After some initial excitement Rexford was "talked down" and provided with his own, personal food plate which was really all he wanted to begin with. And so, after saying "Grace", everybody dug in....Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys
The food was delicious and Rexford got his fill, which is always good. In this case because after dinner a dangerous rival predator was spotted and a confrontation became inevitable, if ameliorated by a full stomach.

Dinosaur Toys
Next- violence averted, predators prefer prey. Join us again for our next blog entry.
And the Sauropods are coming, the Sauropods are coming... really.

Carnivorous Dinosaurs and Tasty Meals

Saur-0-Pod-People-&-Precious-Predators: November 24, 2009

Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys

Well, we finally got those Sauropods in the bag and on the page. It took longer than we expected but it is now done. There were sauropods for as long as there were Dinosaurs, from the Triassic Plateosaurus to the Cretaceous Saltasaurus and plenty in between. Now that they are taken care of perhaps we can check out Rexford and his newly discovered rival. Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur ToysAfter the first eye-to-eye Rexford finds himself being dissed by this gremlin looking character. Not so good!

Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys

Laying in ambush Rexford has waited to pounce upon his disrespectful rival and once again be the top predator in this territory.
Unfortunately he is spotted and loses the advantage of surprise. So he comes out for a direct confrontation. Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys

Once out in the open Rexford shows his bravery by standing up to his very, very dangerous rival and he shows why faint heart ne'er won fair territory. Rexford triumphant....

Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys
Carnivorous Dinosaurs Dinosaur Toys
"I'm (still) King of the World!"

And that's that. Rexford-1 Rival-0
More stuff tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in.

And this is what happens when you invite Carnivorous Dinosaurs to dinner.

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