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The MPC Stegosaurus and a Visit to Sam's"

December 8, 2009

MPC Stegosaurus Dinosaur ToysI had never had much respect for the 1964 MPC Stegosaurus until I did its page today. Once again, seeing things in the close-up photos and being forced to (finally) actually examine the figure I came to the conclusion that I had been short-changing it. It is actually pretty well done and a credit to its line. Dinosaur Toys One of its main "predators" was the MPC (in this case) "Grape T-Rex". Now if you "know someone by their enemies" then please.... Those T-Rex have faraway looks on their faces and heavy-lidded eyes and look like pictures I've seen of Dean Martin partying heavily. How bad is that? Dinosaur Toys But even going outside to avoid harassment has its pitfalls. Expecting balmy breezes and warm temperatures due to global warming these Stegosaurs are sorely disappointed. Their suggestion? Go turn something on! That should help come around April.

Take a break with the different kinds of Dinosaurs doing different kinds of things.
Dinosaur Toys
Rexford is seeing a new doctor (Vet?- Don't tell him.) tomorrow so there may not be page. Probably will be a blog. Today he went to the local Sam's Club to do a little shop.

He started off (left) with some free food.
Then he tried flirting with this little blonde he met in the bubble bath section....

Dinosaur Toys"You're a lot cuter than your sister...."
Dinosaur Toys

But I don't think he got very far because he was soon checking out some sports cars on another aisle.

Unfortunately when we got outside all the fast food, cars and women caught up to poor ole Rexford and, well, when you gotta go, you gotta go...

Dinosaur Toys "Thank heaven for port-a-potties."

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