The First Dino Toys Christmas

The Dino Toys Christmas 2009 Blog Archive: Part 1

Christmas Eve Chorral: December 24, 2009

T'was the Night before Christmas, and outside the house, a beautiful song, we heard aloud....

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys It was The Pointy Sisters, out carrolling! (Above & Below)

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

We invited them inside, and no sooner had we done so than we heard more wonderful song coming from our front porch....Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

This time it is the "Albertosaurus Chorus" on our doorstep. They too came in for refreshments.

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

After refreshing snacks (and a private pit stop) our Choralosaurs got together for a fine duet before they were off to entertain the neighbors.

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

Our next blog entry: What's Happenin' here?

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

The Dino Toys Christmas 2009 Blog Archive: Part 2

Santa Claws or Merry Old St. Nicked: December 25, 2009

(Christmas Morning)

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

All is not, well, all that well this morning. Who am I greeted by, hanging on for dear life? Just Merry old Santa Clause hanging from the fan cord and who's that working as quietly as he can on getting to him?

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys
Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

Rexford has "cornered" Santa and is pretty ticked as Santa was caught eating the milk & cookies that Rex thought had been laid out for himself.

He figured that he would need the energy they'd provide to open the presents and he resents sharing anyway. "Bad Rexford!" Certainly those unopened presents appear to be coming in handy for present purposes. I'm sure Santa is thanking heaven he hadn't brought more and Rexford can be expecting some coal next year, that's for sure!

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys
"Get down from there! Right Now!!"

The Dino Toys Christmas 2009 Blog Archive: Part 3

Christmas Says Goodbye: December 26, 2009

As another Christmas winds its way to New Years Day Rexford realized that his little imbroglio with Santa left some important fences to mend and bridges to rebuild. In consequence he set out on the road to redemption by getting into baking mode....

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

Baking has always been one of Rexfords favorite pastimes, coming right behind eating and hunting, and he is quite prepared to do it up right. Chocolate chip cookies are not only on the menu, they are the menu. The only problem is that Rexford is a perfectionist and the taste-testing can get out of hand.Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

"That's gotta be the last one or there won't be any for the party, Rex!"

So it's 'pack 'em up and move 'em out' for the four hour drive to the big family gathering where Rex expects to be the big hit, as usual.

Rexford's favorite part of any Christmas, counting his presents....(Below)

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys

"I'm King of the world!! Presentosaurus Rex!"

Actually you're a lot more like Scrooge McRex my heckacious-homie. Next year I'd be thinking more along the lines of "Toys-for-Tots" than "Lots for ME!" Chocolate chip cookies alone don't bring absolution.

The saddest part of Rexford's Christmas is when he has only one present left to open. Tyrannosaur's are, sadly, notoriously self-centered. Who'da thought? At least, perhaps, he'll take my earlier admonition about charity to heart for next year.

Dino-toys Dinosaur Toys "What was that guy saying about nine (yummy) tater-tots???"

Next week. On to some more Velociraptors.

The Dino Toys Christmas 2009 Blog Archive: Continues

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