Heres Your Sign Blog Archive Page: February 23, 2010

Heres Your Sign Blog Archive Page

"Here's Your Sign: February 23, 2010

Retirement was not necessarily easy for me to get used to. I thought that I would spend my time in a serene and idyllic natural utopia....

Dinosaur Toys

(Left)"I had to set him straight. He wouldn't have been happy sitting around contemplating his navel for the next twenty or thirty years and besides, I have expensive appetites. After showing him this sign he began thinking a home business might just meet my needs. And he likes to watch videos anyway."

As you know, I did take Rexford up on his suggestion. But not right away. I investigated the offer and considered the commitment it would require from me.

(Below) ("He's kind of a jerk. But he's My jerk and he only needed a little push....")

Dinosaur Toys

"Hey! It was only a little push. You okay down there?"

----A Small Question of Control: 3/2/2010----

Rexford considers himself a (even THE) Webmaster and jealously guards his territory. If you want to challenge him click here. But first consider this:

Rexford had hurt his foot and was in the hospital being treated. But for how long?

Dinosaur Toys

"Without me to run things everything will fall apart."

Meanwhile, a rival has stepped in to fill the breach.

Dinosaur Toys

"With Rexford out of the way I'm in charge now!"

Dinosaur Toys

"But before I take over... are there any requests? I do some great Sinatra covers...."

Dinosaur Toys

"How about 'I'll Do YOU My Way' Webmaster wannabe!"

Oh dear, Rexford certainly has a temper! I hope everything turns out okay. If you are considering webhosting I suggest that you do it on the quiet. You don't want to get Rexford angry at you.

We here at The Dinosaur Toys Collectors Guide have only one purpose in being here at all. Providing you, our readers, with the best, most informative and entertaining information about Dinosaur toys both past and present.

In order to best achieve that goal, in addition to providing pages on individual figures, advice and suggestions on obtaining the Dinosaur toys and pricing, availability and age and personality appropriateness information.... We have instituted our:

1) The (easily subscribed to, FREE) Daily "Dino-Blog" where you are regularly updated as each new page is created and kept up-to-date on Dinosaur toys news and the happenings in "Dino-town."

2) Our Contact-osaur-Us form which you can use to send us comments and tell us what you need and want to see. After all, this site is for your information.

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