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January 13, 2010: Your Chariot Awaits

The Dino-buggy had to go into the shop today. For some reason it always turns out to be an expensive visit. First though, it needs to be inspected. Maybe this time I'll be lucky.

Dinosaur Toys

"Hmmm. Boat payments coming up. Lets find out what's wrong with this sucker."(Above)

Dinosaur Toys

(chomp-chomp)"These wires are badly frayed!"(Above)

(crunch)"There are lots of holes in this hose thing!"(Below)

Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur Toys

(snip)"And way down here these tubes are loose...."


And Rex's assistant, Spike, found a problem with the radiator....(Below)

Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys

(thunk)"Uh, mister. Ya gotta coupla three holes in your radiator..."

Rexford always says:

Dinosaur Toys

"You should always check your oil. (While I check your credit!)"

Dinosaur Toys

"What's in YOUR wallet?"

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