The PT Blog Recounts Recovery

The PT blog: Part I

A Dino-saster or Arms for the Poor: March 28, 2010

What fate, dear friends has befallen our tragic Tyrannosaurus Rexford?

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

Rexford has to go to PT for his shoulder to recover properly. Here he accompanies me to the P.(i)T.(y) office for help in regaining use of his (separated) limb. Upon arrival we have to sign-in, please....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"The probably just want my autograph so they can sell it, make a fortune and go to Aruba."

But they are very nice to their celebrity patient and offer him a snack to build-up his strength for the arduous therapy regimen ahead....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"This place is great! 'PT' must mean 'pretty tasty'!"

After eating Rexford has to sit and wait for his session to begin. He finds that to his liking as well.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"I kind of blend-in with the material, making it easier to ambush patients in worse shape than I am, bwa ha ha!"

There's no magic to Physical Therapy, believe me, I'm living it. It's painful and hard work. There's no "magic" to creating a profitable web-business, let me show you how it's done by clicking here. It's work, but at least it's NOT painful.

So concludes PT blog Part 1

The PT blog: Part II

This Could Hurt: March 29, 2010

Part of the ambience for Rexford are the haute cuisine magazines they have lying around the therapy office.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Looks like a great restaurant with a rustic ambience all its own."

Rexford has some coffee and he notices his therapy protocol...."

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Hmmm. I think I'll check out what they have planned for me."

As he reads on he becomes more concerned...."

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"These people are sadists! With me it's one quick bite. With them it's death by a thousand stretches."

Uh oh. It looks like Rexford thinks he may need more than just a snack and some coffee for his therapy session....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Will somebody help me open this darned thing? I've only got the one arm...."

Now Rexford! It's best to face these things sober. And exactly what things is Rexford expecting to happen? Stay tuned tomorrow for the revelation.

So concludes PT blog Part 2

The PT blog: Part III

No Pain, No Gain: March 30, 2010

Rexford sets out on his course of treatment. Initially he has a bit of a problem with some of the equipment.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"I can't warm-up! My legs don't reach!"

Sadly, his problems don't end with the warming up....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"I don't need arms for this, I need a remote!"

But once he's in the groove his therapy moves along with few complaints and fewer problems.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"When they said I'd be working with bands I thought that I'd at least get a shot at eating a drummer."

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Look at me. I'm looking like Ahhh-nold!"

It appears that Rexford is enjoying his therapy session (more than I do) and expects to be pretty buff after it is over. My sessions are coming along well too, thanks for asking and I am looking forward to his next one. Tomorrow, the conclusion to Rexford's visit to the P.T. Don't miss it.

So concludes PT blog Part 3

The PT blog: Part IV

Perchance to Dream: March 31, 2010

Rexford has successfully completed his PT session and is checking out some of the other paraphenalia that the PTs use....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Now that I have my range of motion back, watch out world!"

Rexford checks out some of the equipment the PTs regularly make use of.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"This arcane stuff could be painful."

And Rexford takes a lively interest in another patient's therapy program....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"Zap 'im, zap 'im good! Zap 'im again!"

All this excitement finally gets to Rexford and he lies down, just for a moment....

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog


Perchance to dream.

Dinosaur Toys, Rexford, PT blog

"...hey y'all, watch this..."

Oh NO! A bad dream.... That is how this all began.

So concludes PT blog Part 4

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