Dino-surgery Saves the Day- The Blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- I

March 4, 2010: Dateline: Somewhere in the Southeastern United States a secret Dino-surgery is contemplated..

Dateline: Somewhere in the Southeastern United States.

More information has come in, updating the terrible tragedy at the local ABC store. As you may have heard, Rexford was fooling around with some friends when the horsing around took a tragic turn and Rexford fell from a shelf.

Dinosaur Toys

"Hey y'all... watch this!"

A somewhat boozy crowd quickly gathered offering comments and opinions.

Dinosaur Toys

(left to right) "Does he need 'last rites?'", "He just needs some Southern comforting, doncha sugah?", "I'd better tell the Godfather about this.", "All that boy needs is a good, stiff drink and he'll be back on his feet in no time. Ain't that right son?"

"Oooooohhh... my shoulder....And NO, I'm not dead, ooooohhh...

Several long lost film-famous cousins appeared out of the woodwork to express their concern....

Dinosaur Toys

"I remember when he almost drowned in The Black Lagoon."

"Don't tell us about Doctor Frankenstein bringing him back to life, either!"

(Hmmm. Seems like Rexford may have had a very interesting life.... We'll have to look into that. If he survives.)

Then the Rescue Squad arrived on the scene, along with a news crew (far right)....

Dinosaur Toys

"Step back folks, this could be serious. Where's the victim??"

And then the police arrived to restore order.

Dinosaur Toys

"Move along... there's nothing to see here. Well golleee! Would ya look at THAT!!

Most of the bystanders were quite cooperative but there was one in particular the police had a hard time getting to move on.

Dinosaur Toys

"Move along ma'am."

"But what if the poor boy neeeeds me?"

"We're thinking that you might have had something to do with his accident, ma'am."

"Ah'll be leaving now, kind officer."

Dinosaur Toys

Rexford being somewhat of a local celebrity drew the local-news crew who immediately began interviewing the cousins...(left).

(Talking Headette)"Now you've known the victim for quite some time?"

(Creature-1)"Oh, yes. Years and years, nearly seventy million."

(Creature-2)"This is the worst tragedy in our family since Rexford ate cousin Mike."

(Lizard-Girl)"Shut up, Bill!"

(Talking Headette)"And so, a tragic loss strikes local family, once again. Back to you in the studio, Ed."

Dinosaur Toys

"HEY! I'm not dead! I just injured my shoulder."

While Rexford undergoes extensive shoulder Dino-surgery tomorrow morning I, too, will be having a medical procedure of my own. WebSite building will come to near screeching halt for a week or two while both Rex and I blunder around in a drug induced haze. We're both hunt&peck typists and our pecking ability will be sorely (and I do expect sore) limited. Bye bye for now."

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- II

A Surgical Procedure Proceeds: March 5, 2010

Having fallen off a liquor store shelf Rexford has drawn quite a lot of interest in the state of his health. It's a Southeastern state in the USA. Our local Dino-town news team has taken an interest as well and is interviewing the surgical team prior to their committing the most important surgical procedure of their and Rexford's life... to date.

Dinosaur Toys

"We'll be cutting on the big boy and... be sure to get my good side...."

The Dino-surgery begins in earnest with a careful check of the patient.

Dinosaur Toys

"Was it his right shoulder or left foot. I can never remember that stuff."

"To heck with it, just start cutting.

Yee owch! This is some start to a very tricky operation.

Dinosaur Toys

"So, how's your wife, B.A.?"

"Pretty sharp. Uh? Did you say knife?"

Many fancy, new and complicated surgical instruments are required for this delicate work.

Dinosaur Toys

"How do these new-fangled things work, anyway? And where's the rotator cuff?"

"That's the other guy!"

"Never mind then.

The surgery was long and hard. The team slept in shifts....

Dinosaur Toys

"Where'd B.A. put the bandages? Hey, B.A.!"


Dinosaur Toys

"Yes. The surgery was a success and the patient survived, too. A double success!"

(Talking Headette)"Does that increase the cost of the procedure?"

"Oh yes. It always costs more when they live."

(That's a little macabre. -Pointy Head Ed.)

After a post-surgical "check"....

Dinosaur Toys

"Everything looks good, and he's breathing. He can have visitors."

Dinosaur Toys

"We're so glad you're going to be okay, Daddy."


If you're reading this I'm okay, too.

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- III

Milemarker 1 on the Road Back: March 6, 2010

Dinosaur Toys

Time flies but healing will take awhile as it slogs ahead. This is the first day, post-surgery and Rexford is ready for whatever it brings.

His first night is passed and he has had some, if not strictly "bad", at least troubled dreams. (Left) Have you been dreaming of your own, profitable website? You can make that dream come true, here.

Upon awakening he finds that his dreams were not harbingers, but only dreams after all. He awakens to his nurse holding his paw in hers....

Dinosaur Toys

"Good morning Mister Rexford. And how are we feeling this morning?"

"I'm feeling like having a bite, my toothsome wench.

(Slap)"Why I declare, it's hospital food for you, Mister Rexford!"

Visitors on this first day are only going to be (The Kenner Jurassic Park collection) family.

Dinosaur Toys

"Wow! Uncle Rexford, that was a really scary story about hospital food. Are you saving her for a snack?"

(slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap)"Mind your manners, boys.

Some of Rexford's visitors weren't as happy to see him doing well....

Dinosaur Toys

"Talk to the tail. I still think you'll come to a bad end."

While others had advice to render up.

Dinosaur Toys

"We were on the horns of a dilemma about coming to visit you at all. After all, we've never seen the point to your wastrel ways. And furthermore...."


But a visit from his younger brother definitely brightened his day.

Dinosaur Toys

"As soon as you're feeling better we'll go hunting. I hear hospital food stinks."

"Yeah. I think maybe some Triceratops, whaddaya say?"

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- IV

Road to Recovery Tour, A Speed Bump: March 7, 2010

Dinosaur Toys

You are looking at the new Wild Safari Apatosaurus for 2010. Thank you Safari Ltd. (opens new window) for the sneak peek. It will be in stores in late April. And speaking of opening new windows, you can open your own window for the world onto what you know and love. Why not share it with the world and create a lifelong income stream at the same time? I know and love Dinosaur toys and that is exactly what I'm doing. You can too.

Rexford woke up this morning to a surprise perching on his face. (If it were a Perch he would have eaten it.)

Dinosaur Toys

"And how did we sleep last night, Mister Rexford?"

"Well. I had the most horrible dream. I was surrounded by these, these...."

Dinosaur Toys

"Now, now Mister Rexford. It was only a dream. Here are your first visitors of the day, maybe they will cheer you up."

Dinosaur Toys

"Howdy Rexford, remember us?"

"Ahhhh! Get away, get away! HELP!!"

Let's hope this visitor thing shakes out alright and we'll return to the healing part of our program tomorrow. I'm doing better than Rexford so far, thank you for asking.

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- V

Day 4 on the Trek to Recovery: March 8, 2010

More visitors came to see Rexford now that he has recovered from yesterday's scare. Two of the large, Soft Play Bullyland (opens new window) came around....

Dinosaur Toys

"I hope to be chasing you in a matter of a few weeks."

"And I'll be looking forward to goring you. I'm leaving now."

(Rexford doesn't have the best bedside manners whichever side of the bed he's on.)

"What'd I say?"

Dinosaur Toys

"If you ever drop by the Permian look me up. We'll kill something."

"You're on, good buddy. But what's up with that Triceratops?"

Dinosaur Toys

(Left) "You're doing very well Mister Rexford and you'll be released to go home tomorrow afternoon. Congratulations and good luck for a complete recovery. It will be up to you now."

"Don't you worry your sweet little head about me, darling. But you could use some more meat on your bones....

(SLAP) Well, ah declare, Mister Rexford."

"What'd I say?"

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- VI

Out of the Hospital & Hit the Road- Day 5: March 9, 2010

If there is one bad dream everybody who is about to check out of a hospital shares it is this, getting the bill....

Dinosaur Toys

"Bwa ha ha... you may get out of the hospital but you'll NEVER get out of our clutches."

But Rexford awakens to an old friend (65 million years old) coming to pay his respects.

Dinosaur Toys

Hey good buddy. How're you doing?"

Dinosaur Toys

"Can we kill anything for you before we leave?"

"You guys are the best... sniff, sniff."

And bad dreams don't necessarily have to come true. Check out is a dream come true....

Dinosaur Toys

"I never dreamed I'd get care like this."

(The above story took place in a Southeastern State in the U.S.A.!)

Have you been dreaming of your own, profitable website? You can make that dream come true, here.

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- VII

Good News, Bad News, No News : March 11, 2010

I had my third PT session today. It went well and I'm making good progress... but the nature of my surgery requires that my shoulder be treated like it's made of styrofoam and tissue paper for four to six weeks. This means that I will be the proverbial one-armed paper-hanger for, four to six weeks. On the other hand Rexford thinks he made a new friend....

Dinosaur Toys

"Hurt your shoulder, huh? Me too."

(But that news-crew is on the scene and checking out Rexford's story....)

Dinosaur Toys

"So this jerky T-Rex comes over and 'commiserates' with me. Yeah I hurt my shoulder. When he bit it!"

"And there we have it. Full story tonight at eleven. That's a wrap"

But Rexford finds out and wants to 'protect' his reputation (which seems odd since his reputation is that he eats things).

Dinosaur Toys

"Mr. Rexford, this is censorship!"

"Yeah? Talk to the teeth."

Dino-Surgery blog Archive

Dino-Surgery blog Archive Pt- VIII

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