Baby Dinosaur in Swaddling Clothes Blog Archive

- Baby Dinosaur New Years Blog Archive: Part 1-

Lead Up to the New Year: December 28, 2009

We did a lot of work on the site today although you wouldn't necessarily notice. Background stuff. Rexford wanted to show off some of what he got so here goes:

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

Wreathed in the Christmas Spirit

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

Rexford did some shopping on his own...

(Right)"This is what heaven must be like."

He then proceeded to pick out his own gifts, which required some lounging, a lot of tugging and some heavy lifting.

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

"Now these are GREAT presents!"

But, of course, not every gift is up to snuff. Such as his new sweater....!!??

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

"This goes back!! And I mean NOW!!"

Our next new page will be on the very dynamic Safari, Ltd. "Tiger" Velociraptor mongoliensis from 1993. It was part of their "Dinosaurs of China" collection and is one of my all-time favorite Dinosaur toys.

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

"Okay you guys, get serious. You're up tomorrow and we expect you to make it good."

"Hey. We wanna see you in your new sweater!

"Shut up! (Mangy Velociraptors.)"

Baby Dinosaur Toys

"Hey mister... can I borrow your sweater?


-- Baby Dinosaur New Years Blog Archive: Part 2--

Happy New Year: December 31, 2009

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

Happy New Year! everybody. Be safe out there and have a wonderful evening. We'll all be back next year with lots of Dino-fun and excitement!!

We'll be partying at home. In fact, we've only just begun....

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERBODY!!

--- Baby Dinosaur New Years Blog Archive: Part 3---

Post Christmas New Year Blooz: January 1, 2010

Rexford is suffering from the post Christmas let down when he gets his credit card bills. He pays them but that leaves him with very little left over. Being a T-Rex he does not feel the same societal pressures to respond in a social fashion....

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

"Gimme your money, punk..."

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

Such bad behavior can't be countenanced and Rex was ordered to get a job. So he took one as a coffee grinder. (Right)

"Grind your coffee, one dollar a pound. Or else, punk."

(Tyrannosaurs have some bad habits that can be hard to break. He'll keep working on it though.)

Our next page will be on the very cool 1998 Safari Styracosaurus, relatives of Ed's.

Baby Dinosaur Toys

"You guys are gonna do great!!"

Happy New Year Everyone from Rexford and the Gang

Rexford Baby Dinosaur Toys

"I'll get you for this if I have to go extinct doing it!!"

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