Dinosaur Movies in the Snow?

We Couldn't take any Dinosaur movies.

Mercenary Plateosaurs and 10" of Snow: December 18, 2009

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

Today we completed the last of our Plateosaurus pages (as promised) and it SNOWED for the first time in two years at least!! We'll get to that shortly.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

The Schleich Plateosaurus is a very interesting inhabitant of the world of Dinosaur toys. In production only from 1999 to 2003 it is highly detailed but quite unrealistic. The forelegs are too long, it is postured as a quadruped (contemporary thinking has had them as bipeds for years) one forepaw is done very well, as is the other- except that it is missing a finger. It is cast extremely well though, so, all in all, it is very much an anomaly. I also have only one which is totally incapable of both eating and keeping watch. So it took the only option it had....

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"I feel like the president with my bodyguards."

"Perhaps, after lunch, I'll conquer the world."

Dinosaur movies are always fashionable.

Now for the snow.

Upon seeing it snowing Rexford and his daughter, Rexie, decided to go out and play. Now Tyrannosaurus Rex's arms are too short to make snowmen or snowballs so playing in the snow is limited to pretty much just standing around. To each his (and her) own.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Boy Dad, this is fun!"

"Yes Rexie, it sure is."

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Is this a heavy snow Dad?"

"Yes. it is darling."

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"How long have we been out Dad?"

"About an hour honey. Getting cold?"


Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Do you want to go in honey?"

"Not yet Dad."

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"So. How do you like your first snow, Rexie?"

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"I think I'm ready to go in now...."

"Tell Mom I'll be in shortly, Rexie."

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Brrrr. Dad said he'd be right in but it's getting awfully deep out there...."

Will it get too deep out there? Will Rexford make it back inside?

Check with us tomorrow, same Dino-time same Dino-channel, to find out.

Tomorrow? Send out the St. Bernards.

Curled up in front of the fire... watching Dinosaur movies.

Snowed in and can't go out to see Dinosaur movies.

Snow Day, Bigtime: December 19, 2009

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

When last we saw (some of) Rexford he was out in the snow with Rexie. She decided that enough is enough and came inside (see yesterday's blog) but Rexford, brave and true decided to see what he might learn from staying out just a little bit longer. This is, after all, his first real snowfall.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

Well, Rexford's education in snow earns him a p.h.d. (piled higher and deeper) and it has become clear that drifting in the snow is the be-all and end-all to what he will accomplish.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

With his thinking-cap of snow Rexford is ready to graduate from the school of cold knocks and head inside. Covered in snow he heads for the sink to clean off. (Can't just tramp it all over the house.)

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

The adventure continues the next day when Rexford rises to lots of activity. All the neighbors seem to be out enjoying what is hopefully just the first snow of the year.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

Some (Above) bring a snack, others (Right) look for one. Some just slog along in their heavy winter coats. (Below)

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Don't be looking at me there Mr Overbite!"

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

(Above) Still others just let off energy running through the snow drifts. And there are always those who are "too smart and sophisticated" to do much more than stand around and look "cool." (Below)

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Waddya wanna do, Larry?"

"I dunno, waddya wanna do Moe?"

"Nothin', Curly. Wadda you wanna do?"

And so as the sun slowly sinks in the West Rexford gathers his children, Rexie and Junior, to return home.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"What a beautiful day it's been kids...."

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Okay cubs, time to go back to our Den Sweet Den."

Of course not everybody is quite so pleased as one might hope....

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"We gotta move kids. Whole danged neighborhood's gone to the Dinos!"

Maybe we can watch Dinosaur movies on television.

Snow Day-2: Can't Bear It!: December 20, 2009

Dinosaur Toys

On the second snow day more neighbors were seen and we are presenting some more pix of them. Not everybody wanted their pictures taken (left) but, in general, almost nobody seemed to mind.

It was sunny and bright and really beautiful, temperatures in the mid-thirties.

"Get outta my face. I'll autograph you!"

When asked about plans we got a variety of answers as well-

Dinosaur Toys "I'm looking forward to ice-fishing. There's plenty out here."
Others were really well dressed for the weather....

Dinosaur Toys "I'm going to get in some hiking."
Some seemed just confused about their plans. (Below)

Dinosaur Toys "I'm hoping to get in some hiker... or hiking... whatever."
Others were clearly well prepared for playing outside today.

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys "Be careful cubs, there are Dinosaurs about."

There were those who seemed to be just standing around (Right). But it turns out they were just being watchful.

"No body messes with my cubs. Not unless they want to end up with real sores!"

Dinosaur Movies Dinosaur Toys

"Now be careful kids. There are bears about."

Are there any Dinosaur movies on T.V.?

Perhaps to a Dinosaur movies don't really matter?

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