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(This picture is in honor of my second grand-daughter's 8th Birthday cake.)

Dinosaur Toys

"Happy (belated) Birthday ALEXIS. We Love You!"

("I'd have preferred a meatloaf.")

(The following picture was taken during a row between fourteen-month old Dino-babe and Rexford. Rexford thought there was a wardrobe malfunction. Dino-babe reiterated that everything was functioning just fine, thank you. And keep your nose out of my business. After this Rexford is sure to do just that. They remain best friends.) Dinosaur baby, Dinosaur Toys

Here is a photo (Left) of Dino-babe and Rexford taken after he had "insulted" her "Baby Dignity."

"HEY... leggo my node!!"

"Do you still think that I need my diaper changed??"

(Dino-Babe doesn't take well to suggestions of imperfection. Her motto- "If you can't change it, keep your mouth shut about it.")

(The next pictures show Rexford messing with some Marx Ankylosaurus. After inviting them to go "bowling"...)

Dinosaur Toys

"This wasn't what we expected!"

Rexford, meanwhile, says that he tastes no difference between the Marx and MPC Ankylosaurs. That means there really is none. Very zennish.

Dinosaur Toys

"Tastes like PVC with just a hint of pthalate...mmmmm."

(The PAPO Raptors are great Dinosaur toys and find hunting in the 21st Century to be a lot easier than it was seventy-million years ago....)

Dinosaur Toys

"Ya know you don't really even have to cook this stuff. Right?"

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