The Mega Fauna Blog Archive: January 17 & 19, 2010

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January 17, 2010: The Garden of Eaten

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(Above) A pair of Carnegie Brachiosaurus are in search of food. Winter is a tough time for these giant Sauropods as they do require a fair amount of fodder to keep their 80-foot 30+ ton bodies fueled, regardless of season. The jury is still out as to whether these mega fauna were cold- or warm-blooded. Current thought is that they may have been "gigantotherms", relying on their enormous size (and global warmth) to maintain their body heat.

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Here we see two on a quest for the legendary "Garden of Eating". One, Bob, having gone on ahead (Left) has bad news:"Hey guys. I think I found the garden, but everything is eaten...." All three proceed to check out the "find" and see if it is the legendary garden.

Mega Fauna, Dinosaur Toys

It certainly was a garden (Right), once upon a time, but there isn't anything that a Brachiosaurus will find tasty here now. So our somewhat disappointed trio takes a look around (Below) and spots a likely place to drop in for a bite....

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

"Let's see what they have in their pantry."

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

People have long wondered why Dinosaurs grew to such large "plus" sizes as the Brachiosaurus is evidence of. There are of course particular theories but the bottom line is that they arose during a period of the Earth's history when food (in the form of plants) was incredibly plentiful. The Brachiosaurs and their broader family, the Sauropods, first appeared in the early Jurassic Period and survived in one form or another until the great Dinosaur extinction over 120 million years later. Quite a run.

(Above)"Let's try that house over there."

So we leave our trio on their quest for the "Garden of Eating", so far having only found the "Garden of Eaten."

(The Mega Fauna Blog Archive: Part II)

January 19, 2010: McCamarasaurus: The Big Mac of the Jurassic

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

The 2001 Carnegie Camarasaurus had its page done today and, by gosh, there were some strange goings on connected with it. The Camarasaurus was the most numerous of the Sauropods living in North America during the late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous and survived for a very long time. It was a contemporary of the Apatosaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosauruswell as the great carnivores of the period including the Allosaurus. Our Camarasaurs also met up with an unexpected predatoy as you can see here....

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

Inured to being preyed upon the Camarasaurus was pretty much the "Mc-Camarasaur" of the Late Jurassic. As the most numerous if not the largest (sixty feet and twenty tons seems plenty big enough to me) mega fauna of its time it served as a self mobile lunch wagon for the local predatoys.

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

But nobody agreed to be eaten by mythological creatures and that Darn Safari Ltd Dragon (opens new window) qualifies as a violation of the multi-million year meal contract with the Allosaurs!

"So get off my back. The herd is calling our agent!"

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

The Carnegie Camarasaurus may look relatively benign and pleasant (Right) but when it comes to contract disputes they get top-drawer representation.

"Hey. It's an Allosaurus eat Camarasaurus world out there. Let the Dragon work out its own deal!" (Right)

Mega fauna, Dinosaur Toys

"I'm out on the picket line: ON STRIKE!"

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