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March 21, 2010

A herd of Pachyrhinosaurus can garner unwanted attention in the person of Rexford, who seems to think they're the best thing since sliced bread- below.

Dinosaur Toys

"These should be called Picnic-rhinosaurs!"

Uh oh, Trouble's Coming: 3-22-10

Rexford has been indulging himself and his latest victim is the PAPO Pachyrhinosaurus, an innocent vegetarian cum victim, whose only fault is a single-minded focus on all things botanical. Perhaps luckily (perhaps not) a local lawyer/politician seems to have taken an interest....

Dinosaur Toys

(Politician) "Why can't we all just get along?"

"Because some of us just taste too good!"

Perhaps our all just getting along is a dream. I'm sure we'll all find out in the days to come. Have you been dreaming of your own, profitable website? You can make that dream come true, here.

Piece(s) in Our Time: 3-23-10

Our local politician ("politician" courtesy Safari, Ltd.) makes his plan known, announcing it to the media....

Dinosaur Toys

(Politician)"My plan will see that everybody eats the same thing (except for politicians). I call it 'Soylent Blue'. Everybody eats and nobody gets eaten! This will be really great for all of you! Peace in our time and all that."

("Hmmmm. Seems like a good time for me to implement my plan....")

What is Rexford's plan? How will he implement it? Find out tomorrow, same Dino-time, same Dino-channel....

The RexfordCare Plan: 3-24-10

Rexford's plan is based on freedom to make personal choices. His choice is based on what works. At least what works for him.... The Plan? Only those that should be eaten, get eaten.

Dinosaur Toys

"With a little salsa and a pinch of garlic...Bam... Polimedialicious!"

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Pachy politics is practiced by thick-headed but thin-skinned politicians.

And so concludes the Pachy politics Blog Archive page.

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