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A Picture of a Dinosaur Blog Archive Page: Part I

Rexford at Play, Mamenchisaurus at Risk: January 20, 2010

Dinosaur Toys

Rexford and a big Buddy decided to go have some fun. Now having fun can encompass a lot of different things to do and ol' Rex is one to try doing them all.

Of course "all" takes in a lot of territory and there is always a chance that the territory already has a claim on it.
Dinosaur Toys

Sometimes there are "rules" that one is expected to follow when entering or using another's territory. These rules should be followed if one is to be a good citizen and guest.

(Right)"Stupid Rules. I'm a T-Rex, neither citizen nor guest."

Dinosaur Toys

But he did really enjoy at least one of the Arcade games....

(Left)"Yee hah... I'm 'Nascar Rexford Petty' and I'll cut you all off at the pass!"

After finishing up inside Rex headed out doors where he had some refreshment. (Below)

Dinosaur Toys

"Nothing beats a juicy navel orange, except maybe a burger."

But after playing on the monkey bars he discovers that there are rules here too....

Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys "I defy gravity as easily as I defy the rules! For I am Rexford the great, look upon my works and despair...."

But in the end, there are, like taxes, too many rules.

Dinosaur Toys

"THIS is just ridiculous."

Tomorrow we will present a page on the Invicta Mamenchisaurus.

Dinosaur Toys

Mamenchisaurus with the four other Invicta Sauropods.

The Mamenchisaurus is one of the harder to find and rarer of the Invicta figures. As seen below, however, these Megalosaurs seem to have found my lend-lease Mammy.

Dinosaur Toys

Many thanks to Mike of Indiana whose kind and generous loan of the doomed(?) Mamenchisaurus made tomorrow's page possible. Sorry about the Megalosaurs there Mike....

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A Picture of a Dinosaur Blog Archive Page: Part II

Mamenchisaurus at Large: January 21, 2010

Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys

I have never been enamored with Sauropod Dinosaur toys in the pose of looking backwards, over their shoulder. It seems to me that this would lead to bumping into things and, generally, a focus on the past rather than what is happening now or in the future. While I always expected that these were sculpted by "artistic types" I just never appreciated the sensibility.

The Mamenchisaurus had the longest neck of any (known) Dinosaur and it is currently believed that he didn't carry his head high anyway, but rather that he was a grazer, swinging that head back and forth, down low, as he vacuumed up grass and ferns that were scattered about.

Invicta came out with their Mamenchisaurus in 1980 and is one of only two such Dinosaur toys that I know of. The other being part of the Safari Ltd. Dinosaurs of China 1993 mini-series, which is also out of production. This makes this both rare and fairly unique.

In any event I had two of these (they are pretty rare at least here in the United States) but my prejudice against that far-away wool-gathering posture led me to sell them on eBay. When I began my website I was at a loss and regretted the sale. But MIKE, from Indiana, happened to use my Contact-o-saurus (see about the middle of the page) form and after an exchange of emails (I answer every contact inquiry) he offered to send me a Mam as a loaner. He never suspected that I might put it in harms way but my pack of Invicta Megalosaurs had their own ideas. After stalking the Mammy across the page they wore out its patience. Needless to say it will be returning to Indiana asap.

Dinosaur Toys

"Megalosaurs are one thing but this is ridiculous! I want to go home and right now!"

(And so you shall.)

(A Picture of a Dinosaur Blog Archive page.)

A Picture of a Dinosaur Blog Archive Page: Part III

Mamie Trips Out: January 22, 2010

Dinosaur Toys

Our last page was on "Mamie" the Invicta Mamenchisaurus. As noted she was here on only a short visit and had to leave this morning after a big bash with all her Invicta friends last night...

This morning Mamie prepared her overnight compartment for the trip home....

Dinosaur Toys

"We'll really miss you Mamie. We Sauropods have a bond."

(It's called a herd.- Pointy-head Ed.)

Dinosaur Toys

"I'll always remember the herdness you showed me, a lonesome stranger."

"Well, we sauropods have to stick together."

And a final, tearful farewell to her oldest (and smallest) friend (once again, THANK YOU MIKE) who will be left behind.

Dinosaur Toys

"(Sniff sniff)We'll always be friends...I'll never forget you. (sob sob)"

Once Mamie was packed and ready to leave, and the herd has parted, some other "friends" came around....

Dinosaur Toys

"I could've sworn I smelled her around here somewhere."

Our next page will be on the 1984 Invicta Brachiosaurus. At the time of its introduction it... uh... excuse me for a moment. Rexfords yelling something.... What's that Rexford?

Dinosaur Toys

"Hey! I think I found Mamie!! Mmmmmm...."

(eewhhhh!- Pointy-head Ed.)

I reiterate! NO Mamenchisaurus were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

(Picture of a Dinosaur page: Part IV)

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