Rexford does Wal-Mart: The Blog Archive page

Rexford Does Wal-Mart Blog Archive Part-1

Rexford Eats Wal-Mart: 2/24/2010

Today we had to make a shopping trip to our local Wal-Mart 35 miles away. This meant that we did not have time to do our Schleich T-Rex page although we did get all the pictures chosen. It will be a big picture-page as this turned out to be a very photogenic figure. Or it may be that I just got excited about it being a nice enough day to get back outside....

(below- our T-Rex pair begin with the worst pick-up line of the Cretaceous Period)

Dinosaur Toys

"We hear that you little guys are as tasty as you are good looking."

Dinosaur Toys

"My, what big teeth you have...."

Dinosaur Toys

"We don't need your lunch money since you are the lunch."

We'll see a lot more of their adventures and find out their other secrets to meeting local fauna on our upcoming page....

Meanwhile our little shopping trip saw Rexford just trying to blend in....

Dinosaur Toys

"I heard that you should look like what you want to eat."

I think that Rex's camouflage worked as he made a "kill" right away.

Dinosaur Toys

"It's mine, I caught it!!"

Dinosaur Toys

(Left)"...and your little dog, too..."

Yes, Rexford had quite a day and raised a bit of a ruckus but, as always, he got lots of smiles and a generally positive reaction from every one he met (and didn't try to eat).

Rexford Does Wal-Mart Blog Archive Part-2

Food Pix, Hot-Dog Brushes: 2/26/2010

Dinosaur Toys

"Pink-dog yesterday, hot-dog today.

And remember kids....

Dinosaur Toys

Always brush after every meal!"

Rexford Does Wal-Mart Blog Archive Part-3

A Wal-Mart Saga Continues: 2/27/2010

We will be doing our next figure page on the 2004 Safari/Carnegie Collection Ankylosaurus. An archetypal armored Dinosaur that stood five and a half feet tall, was five feet wide, thirty feet long and weighed ~six tons. Its tail ended in a heavy bone club that could be swung with enough force to break the leg(s) or crush the ribs of any potential predator. A definite force to be reckoned with and nobody's Cretaceous crunchy. When left alone they were peaceful vegetarian types who liked long walks in the moonlight and a nice Merlot with their salads.

Dinosaur Toys

"This is a good salad. Please pass the Merlot."

On the other hand Rexford eats whoever is at hand, hates veggies and doesn't even bother to remove the cork when he chugs down his Thunderbird. To each his own....

Dinosaur Toys

"I've always wondered why you people cook your food. But that grill would serve as a cage for my food. Wrap it up!"

Dinosaur Toys

"Hey look! Frozen Lures!"

Dinosaur Toys

"A bedding and eating department, all in one. Heaven!"

Dinosaur Toys

"No need to wrap it. I'll eat it here."

Rexford Does Wal-Mart Blog Archive Part-4

A Cautionary: 2/28/2010

Dinosaur Toys

Rexford was back at Sam's, picking up a snack (Left)...

"The food's okay; but that little plastic spoon!?! Who needs it? Civilization is stupid...."

...and visiting his "couch-potato" cousin "Monty". Monty lives there and Rexford hopes to whip him into shape.

Dinosaur Toys

"Okay Monty. It's 'squattin' time'!! Down, up, down, up...up...up!!"

He has more relatives there too. And he's mightily concerned for their health and lifestyle. Living in a snackateria can put on the pounds....

Dinosaur Toys

"You two need to get out and hunt more. I'll show you how."

Dinosaur Toys

"First you need a good place to lie in ambush.... Then you pounce!"

Dinosaur Toys

"Even Mickeys can't save you, donkey-boy!"

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