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"This Should Be an Embarrassment"

December 2, 2009

apex predator Dinosaur ToysIn 1964 the Multiple Plastics Corporation came out with their own series of cut-rate mass produced Dinosaur toys and the MPC Cynognathus was near the head of the alphabetical line. It was clearly based on the MARX Cynognathus (which was a loose rendering of the one in Rudolph Zallinger's"The Age of Reptiles" mural at the Yale Peabody Museum) (link opens new window) which, in fact, looks nothing like the Cynognathus that we have come to know today with forty more years of scientific figgerin' behind us. A poor imitation of an odd reproduction of a misinterpretation.
apex predator Dinosaur ToysThere are a plethora of things that I don't like about this figure. It is a poor copy, its detail is muddy (unlike the Marx) and it is hollow. I can forgive a lot of sins when it comes to a toy Dinosaur but being eviscerated isn't one of them. Additionally the casting wasn't that good and the position was splayed out so it looked as if a T-Rex had run it over. It was kind of the cockroach of Dinosaur toys. After I had done the Marx Cynognathus page I had developed a greater appreciation of those.

(Above, MPC top, Marx bottom)

Sadly my depreciation for these was reinforced.

This of course led me to the question:

What would a T-Rex have thought of these?

apex predator, Rexford Dinosaur Toys
"blughh grugh wurff"

The Apex Predator Blog Archive Continues

"Rexford Meets a Neighbor"

December 4, 2009

apex predator Dinosaur ToysThis Friday was used to best advantage by us in cleaning up the site a little bit. The Marx Small Mold Group page was upgraded with some new pictures and information. All part of our unceasing dedication to making the site better for you. apex predator, Rexford Dinosaur Toys This isn't always easy work and can require some heavy machinery (right) and, occasionally, a confrontation with an unappreciative neighbor. (below)
apex predator Dinosaur Toys

<"Grrrr. Tasteless-Neighbor doesn't appreciate the work I do for the Dino-site!"
These confrontations occasionally lead to surprise revelations!

apex predator, Rexford Dinosaur Toys"Mmmmm. Neighbor not as tasteless as I had thought."
(No small animals were too badly harmed in the making of this blog entry!)

And so we see how a true Apex Predator tends to handle "situations" and competitors. Tasty situations, tasty competitors.

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And I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Right after I've had a snack.




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