The "Biggest Dinosaur" toys Blog Archive page. (No reason at all.)

(The Biggest Dinosaur toys blog archive page.)

Generic Velociraptors Rule, or else: January 9, 2010

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

Safari Ltd. has a series of what they consider to be generic Dinosaur toys (their Great Dino series) that they don't even bother to brand. I got interested in these after doing a page on their Great-Dino Spinosaurus about two months ago.

This is a very nice series from what I have seen, but the Velociraptors themselves are real trouble with a capital "T"! Here, take a look-

The temperature has been down in single digits and the Bullyland Soft-play Dimetrodon had put on a cap to keep his sail warm

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"Brrrr, it's really cold, my sail is freezing."

When along came Mr. (I'm a Great Dino) Velociraptor....

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"You, punk. Gimme your hat!!"

Shameful, just shameful.

Many of you have wondered about how the recent housing crisis has effected the residents of Dino-town. We aren't immune here and many citizens are living in the apartment buildings provided by our local governing body, mine. Here is a look in on what's happening....

"There are Eight Million Stories in the Dinosaur City"

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

Uh oh, those (Great-Dino gang) Velociraptor brothers are at it again, shaking down some locals for their pocket change....

And just look, everybody is watching but no one is doing anything about it!

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"Just empty your pockets and no one gets hurt"

"But we don't have any pockets...."

"Then somebody gets hurt.... and it ain't gonna be us!"

But here comes the cavalry, the future of Dino-town....

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"I can't just fly by, watching crime in the streets and leave justice undone!"

"Oooh, you're our hero Mr., Mr? Who is that bald guy?"


(The biggest Dinosaur toys blog archive presents our second act.)

January 12, 2010: A Styracosaurus Makes a Point Plus New Years Picture

Biggest Dinosaur Toys Dinosaur Toys

Our next page will be on the irascible X-Plus Masterpiece Collection Styracosaurus from 2002. This is less a toy and more a beautiful model but it does come with some attitude.

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"That Dodge Ram messes with me and it'll need some new tires."

Meanwhile here are some pix of Rexford at the New Years party....

Biggest Dinosaur Toys

"I'm not sure how I got talked into this, but what the hey."

(Perhaps not the most attractive ending to the biggest Dinosaur Blog Archive page....)

(The Biggest Dinosaur toys blog page nears conclusion.)

January 14, 2010: Rexford's New Year's Nightmare

That New Year's Eve party got a bit out of hand and certain Dinos (who shall remain nameless) had too much to imbibe and behaved just a little bit over the top. Didn't he realize that the papparazzi are always lying in ambush for celebrity pix?

Dinosaur Toys

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