These Are Among the Most Highly Detailed, Realistic and Largest Dinosaur Toys......

and They Came in Two Flavors!

X-Plus Din osaur Toys Albertosaurus painted version X-Plus Dinosaur Toys Styracosaurus painted version

This Styracosaurus is one of the largest Dinosaur toys that you will find anywhere. Yes, certainly there are vinyl blow-up Dinosaurs that are larger dinosaur toys, but not after they get a taste of that horn.

It is made by X-Plus as part of their "Prehistoric Masterpiece Collection," along with its stablemate The Albertosaurus. These are among the largest Dinosaur toys and are also two of the most beautifully detailed and highly realistic 'near-toys' produced anywhere.

I will explain what I mean by 'near toys' when we get to the actual pages describing each of these beautiful little (compared to the real ones) replicas.

Your X-Plus sized List of Dinosaurs is as follows:

 1) Albertosaurus - painted and unpainted

2) Styracosaurus - painted and unpainted

Yes. A short, but very good looking list of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Toys X-Plus Logo

X-Plus, is the maker of dozens (hundreds over the years) of monster, dragon and figure toys. Ranging from Anime to Godzilla and beyond. The company is based in Osaka, Japan.

Dinosaur Toys AlbertosaurusThis is the unpainted (and the largest dinosaur toy) version of Albertosaurus, in basic black. A night stalker. You can paint him yourself if you like!

Their contribution to the list of Dinosaurs (toys) is limited to four figures, two each of the Albertosaurus and Styracosaurus. One painted of each (see above) and one unpainted (see below).

These were introduced in 2002 and currently appear to be out of production although clearly available on the internet (Amazon). In both cases the detail is superb. The factory paint jobs are flawless. These really and truly appear as if they were alive.

Get 'em if you can! Bring 'em Back Alive!

Very impressive.

Dinosaur Toys Styracosaurus PairHere is the Styracosaurus, in both painted and unpainted condition. Clearly an extraordinary Dinosaur toy.

Click on this link if you want to see the largest Dinosaur Toys company list. (on this site, anyway.)

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